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As first BPW Region, BPW Europe is now presenting the new interactive Roster combined with Google Maps. A Roster is a directory of all BPW European Federations and affiliated Clubs. The Roster is public can be viewed by all visitors of the BPW Europe Website. For the Public, only the names and e-mail addresses of the executive can be viewed.

For BPW European administrators further info is stored like address, phone numbers, etc. The human tragedy of thousands of asylum seekers floundering – and dying – in the Mediterranean highlights an unprecedented challenge for Europe.

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BPW members have varied experience and knowledge of the work market, which could be an enormous added value for women entering the country; they can also teach the language, and coach them to understand the local work place.

Let’s share, we will learn a lot from each other, and contribute concretely to host refugees. I would like to thank each European BPW National President for making this happen, and thank past Regional Coordinators – Sabine Schmelzer, Amélie Leclercq & Gabriella Canonica – for their support, and their huge work and dedication to BPW during and after their term. It is my great pleasure to be leading a strong, diverse and experienced team to meet the exciting future ahead of us.

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