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’ I think it’s important for all of us to be thinking about whatever marketing we’re creating, is it really useful to our customers? I think if you think of things through that lens, it just clarifies what you’re doing in such a simple, elegant way.” Would you thank a company for writing something that shamelessly promotes itself, or tries to trick you into buying something, or that doesn’t seem to care about your needs and concerns? And there’s nothing more common in terms of common sense than understanding what you, yourself, would want.Next time you feel like you’re being pressured to sell out your content, forget the stats, facts, and charts, and try a little common sense.If it’s something that’s not interesting to your audience, few people will seek it or share it, limiting its ROI.CMI’s Joe Pulizzi has made that point exactly: “You can increase the bottom line while, at the same time, help your customers live better lives or get better jobs.

In 1908, a niche oil-and-chemicals company named Houghton International launched a magazine for its sales agents named The Houghton Line.

Lee Procida is Lead Content Strategist at Braithwaite Communications, an independent branding, content marketing and public relations firm in Philadelphia.

He was formerly a daily newspaper reporter for The Press of Atlantic City, and now focuses on planning and developing content for clients that meets and exceeds the standards of traditional publishers.

But take your mother’s advice — going home with any old thing isn’t how you build a valuable, long-term connection. If you want people to really form a favorable opinion of your brand, consider their interests, and indulge those interests through your content. Many executives question how an article, video, infographic, or any other piece of content contributes to sales if it’s not solely pushing a product or service.

But even effective salespeople don’t solely push a product or service!

While numbers and case studies are crucial for validation, experience tells us that often a simpler approach, using analogies and metaphors drawn from everyday life, is likely to be more effective in gaining buy-in and breathing room to create content that works.

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