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You have vast areas of open water right on your doorstep. Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham and Maidstone are all within 45 mins by car, with London being 1 hour away.Equally, if you prefer to hunt for crab or simply sit and enjoy the tranquil views, the world is your oyster at Seaview Holiday Park. All the major supermarkets are within a 15 min radius and both Asda and Tesco deliver to park, if you do not want to travel. Chestfield train station is only 10 mins on foot, taking you either into London or wherever you want to go.Their workforce are genuinely passionate about what they do, with innovative designers traveling the world to inspire the designs they create, to those who ensure your holiday home is in perfect condition before it leaves the site. Representative example including siting, connections and this seasons pitch fees: Cash price £10000. The engineers, designers and craftsmen are the very best and many have been with Willerby for decades – they know what they’re doing! We are 10 metres from the beach, with direct access to the water, multiple cycle routes, dog walking routes and outstanding fishing.

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Willerby has a strong ‘green conscience’, and takes careful consideration to the environment in many ways , an example being, providing energy efficient appliances and fittings within their units, right through to waste management during manufacture. A steep lane, called Hamon Hill, leads to an elevated spot, commanding a fine view of the town and the environs. The store houses and workshops are admirably arranged, and can equip a first rate man-of-war in a few days. Many of the houses are old; and one with a carved front, in High Street, is pointed out as having been the residence of certain famous ship builders of the 16th and 17th centuries. The mast house is 240 feet long, and 120 wide; the rope house is 1,110 feet long and 50 wide; the smith's shop contains 40 forges; and the saw mills have eight saw frames, with capacity for 240 saws, and two circular saw benches, with windlasses and capstans for supplying them with wood. 'Notes on the churches in the counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, mentioned in Domesday book, and those of more recent date'. The manor belonged, in the time of Edward the Confessor, to Earl Godwin; was given by the Conqueror to Hamon de Crevecœur; and passed to the Badlesmeres, the Despensers, the Wentworths, and others. A Presbyterian church on a site given by the War Office, is a neat structure of galvanized iron, erected in 1861. Races were formerly run, but have been discontinued. The town forms a continuous line of edifice with Rochester; consists chiefly of narrow streets; and presents, in a strong light, the aspects of old large seaports. Mary's, or the parish church, was rebuilt in 1788; incorporates a doorway of a previous old Norman edifice; is itself an ungainly structure; and contains several monuments, preserved from the previous church, one of them a brass of Stephen Borough, the discoverer of the northwest passage to Russia in 1553. John's church was built in 1821, by the Parliamentary Commissioners, at a cost of nearly £15,000; and was extensively altered in 1869. Paul's church was built in 1854, and is in the Norman style. The Roman Catholic church is a brick edifice, with little external ornament, built in 1863. The dockyard is nearly a mile long, walled round and fortified; and contains four wet docks, with capacity for the largest vessels, one of them a tidal basin, 400 feet by 96, completed in 1857. Believing strongly in remaining at the forefront of design, Willerby employ the very best designers, engineers and craftsmen with a real passion for quality and innovation.

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