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We were naturally curious, and questioned Opdenkelder about the service, the way people use the word “cougar,” and how she hopes to change that.She and Jules also spend some nights watching Travis sleep, often accompanied by a glass of wine.If you perform different steps, please report them.(issue imported from #M17491) I can confirm the same behaviour with Page module: I try to copy/cut a content element and then paste it into another column or same column different place, I get error message: "Validating the security token of this form has failed.If you do the same but get the error message, please post a full list of installed extensions here.Jules has in the past stated that she doesn't want to have any more children, this sometimes causes tension between her and Grayson, though she has recently become less averse to the idea.Jules Cobb was born in 1968 (her age is given as 41 in season 1) to Chick and Bea.Does your voice suddenly lose volume from fear of conflict?Do you accept your partner’s choices and then obsess, even sulk about it for hours?

it was more like a full-blown movie make-out sesh, actually.In the first season, Jules is living life as a divorced single mother exploring the truths about dating and aging.She tries to relive her 20s and make up for lost time by dating younger men, as she spent her 20s and early 30s raising Travis.Tested in FF Safari, neither a re-login is done through popup like reported int #17378 nor the cache got cleared like stated in #17308.Click on "Paste after" in the context menu In List module: 1.At some point, Brandon was seen with a lit cigarette in hand -- as was Lily.

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