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They only want to collect your personal identification and credit card details so they can steal your personal contact details and commit further fraud.The websites you are directed to may be official looking and some even contain stolen logos from government authorities and official brokers.The single scene looks less sunny, while in tech-centric San Jose, Calif., the top metro area for single women, there are 114 single employed men for every 100 single women.It turns out that Nerd Wallet cast an awfully wide net for singles, capturing everyone unmarried over age 15.Historically, it’s been difficult for demographers to get an accurate count of LGBT people, who have been understandably leery about outing themselves in a society hostile to their sexual orientation. But perhaps it’s also because we are fascinated by hard data’s ability to reveal matters of the heart. Will we choose to share the rent but not sign the papers? From 1960 to today, the median age for women to marry has jumped from 20 to 27. According to Pew, 53 percent of singles say they want to eventually tie the knot.

The personal finance website Nerd Wallet recently crunched some numbers to create a list of the top cities in America for love-seeking singles. This is an important gap, because nearly 80 percent of women say they’re looking for a male partner with a job.

He says he's met close to 500 sugar babies in the past four years.

Brook Urick is the Las Vegas-based spokesperson for seekingarrangement.com, which claims to have four million members — three million of them “sugar babies” — including nearly 250,000 in Canada. You appreciate me with your words, affection, time and your gaze.”These are the first of many overt hints that this has little to do with old-school chivalry.

Let’s skip over the teenagers and focus on the millennials, because they’re the ones of average marrying age.

According to Pew, 24 percent of singles age 25–34—millennials all—actually live with a romantic partner. Another third live with their parents—cohabitation with Mom or Dad can put a big cramp on dating.

The publication also created separate top 20 city lists for single women and single men based on gender ratios; a city with more men than women works in women’s favor, and vice versa. C., are 70 percent of the residents really ready to swipe right? There are a lot of hidden nuances in the data—and other data sources to consider.

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