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ARMv7 patched patched os31)-most_uni Que Fire Up Your Sex Drive 1.0-wktp Firefox Home 1.0.i Phone-C4i DFlick Kick Field Goal 1.4-Kaikz Flick Kick Rugby (v1.2 patched os221)-most_uni Que Flick Kick Rugby (v1.3.ARMv7 os30)-most_uni Que Flickpad - Facebook Photos and Fun HD 1.6.3-Ab3r1Kanobee Flick Tunes 1.7.0-Staffy Flight Track Pro 3.6.2.patched-corepda FLIP (v2.2 os21)-most_uni Que Flying Brothers HD 1.0-yerro Folders - Private File Storage and Viewing 2.5-Rekima Forsaken 1.0-Cusipzz Fotomecha (v1. Phone-C4i Di SP-Browser 2.5.1-Staffyi SSH - SSH VNC Console 4.3.1.i Phone-C4i DIstanbul 05 - LFC Glory 1.0-LPCLPCi Studiez Pro 1.4-Linkinparklocki Swap Faces 3.0.1-Maurice Hermeleri Translate Plus ~ the universal translator 4.0-Yuka Kingi Tube 2.0-luudaigiangi Unarchive 1.3.0-demomani X11 - X server 1.0.1.i Phone-C4i Di Xpense It 3.0.5-D2[C4i D]Jabulaaaaaaaani 1.0.1-i Scary Jiggle Balls - Spikes!

1.0-Shuttleu Derm Consult 1.19-LPCLPCDeutschland Quiz -' Einbrgerungstest' 1.3-sendbadyat Devil Invasion 1.4-ifrench Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-IV-TR 1.0-LPCLPCDig Almanac 1.3-LPCLPCDino Cap 1.2-Kaikz DJ Scratch HD 1.0-Elit3Documents 4.0-toastn1nj4Dominion 1.1-corepda Doodle Action 1.0-corepda Doodle Earth Defenders 1.0-toastn1nj4Doodle Fly - Fly to Mars 4.01-Lz0PDADoodle Flying Hero (v1.3.1 os22)-most_uni Que Doodle for i Phone 1.31-Swizzly Doodle Grub Premium (v1.0.0 patched patched os31)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Doodle Jump 1.20-Chilla74Dotopop 1.61-Yuka King Download Meter 2.6-Marcitouch Downstairs (v1.3.3 os31)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Dream Scape 1.0-Matrix Drop7 2.4-artypig78Drum Kit 3.2.1.i Phone-C4i DDrum Kit 3.2.i Phone-C4i DDual Level 2.4.0-Marcocanc Echofon Pro for Twitter 3.1.1-jellyfanedge TVPro 1.0.0-Fabius Electric Smoke 1.60.i Phone-C4i DElement Z 2.0-Matsuya Elevation Pro 2.2-Santoyo Elite Black Book 1.2Elite Walls PRO 1.0-Yuka King Endoc Almanac 1.3-LPCLPCESPGALUDA II 1.0.3-i Phone Mania Eye Illusions 1.3-Free Carlos Bird F1 2010 Timing App - Championship Pass 2.5-Netter Face2Place 1.0-d Na Pd AFallen Star (v1.25 os30)-most_uni Que Family Guy- Uncensored 1.1-kuthumi Family Tracker for i Pad 2.0.2-3r1c Famished Farm Animal Frenzy HD 1.0-pandaapp Fat Booth 1.0.1-katy Perry2Fill Pro 1.348-Matrix Fill Pro 1.349-Matrix Finger Soccer 1.2-ROBcrack Fingerzilla 2.3.2-Phase_IIFirst Aid - Escape from 2012 1.0-d Na Pd AFishing Champion 2.0-corepda Flick Kick Field Goal 1.3-Kaikz Flick Kick Football 1.1-Pretz Flick Kick Rugby 1.2-Kaikz Flight Track Pro 3.6.2-Ab3r1Kanobee Flitsmeister 1.0.7-Senaxx Floater Pro 3.0-Ki LLCMDFly Fishing 3D 1.0-Dexter420Fly Kiwi Fly 1.26-Lz0PDAFlyloop - Butterfly Looping Fun 1.2-Teh Random Guy Foosball 1.0.0-Kaikz Foosball HD 1.1-yerro Form 1.1-luudaigiang Fractions Calculator Unlimited 1.1.5-sharmanhall Free Memory Lite 2.0.1-Kid Geek French Talk Pad HD 1.0-Yuka King Freq Finder 1.4-Keegan Fruit Memory HD 1.0-Lupin_3rd Fruit Ninja HD 1.00-i Cerveteri Fruited 2 (v1.0.0 os30)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Full Shortcuts (v5.1 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Future Guns 1.1 Santoyo Drummer Fuzzle 1.6.0-P0k3r_4Lh0Game Cheats for i Phone i Pod Touch 2.2-sharmanhall Gar Land 1.0-pandaapp GEO Mag n1 HD 1.1-Zattom German Verbs 1.1-Yuka King Giana Sisters HD 1.2-Jogger GO!(v3.0 patched patched os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7PDF Sheet Music Reader HD 1.1-yrls Pebble Jump 1.3.1.i Phone-C4i DPERFECT Browser 4.5-Trafikci258Perfect OCR 1.3-d Na Pd APeriod Tracker Deluxe 7.4.3-App_Ghost Pew Pew Land - Multiplay Defense Game 3.00-Kaikz Phanatic 1.1-jamtaz Phobictionary HD 1.1-yerro Photo Transfer App 1.3-Ab3r1Kanobee Photo Wave 1.0-luudaigiang Physical Exam Essentials 1.1-LPCLPCPicture Show 2.1.1-WASHi PATOPiepser 4.0.81-Yuka King Ping Pong Battle HD 1.0.1-ipaelios Pixel Clock 1.1-Yuka King Piyo Blocks 2 1.0-Phase_IIPlanes, Brains and Automobiles 1.7.i Phone-C4i DPlants vs Zombies 1.1-Lz0PDAPlaying Cards 2.3.i Phone-C4i DPocket Devil (v10.1 os30)-most_uni Que Pocket Cam 1.5-vic11Podcaster (Formerly RSS Player Podcast Client) 3.1-Cusipzz Police Radio (v3.8.1 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Poppi 1.2-Yuka King Popular Mechanics Interactive Edition HD 1.0-Rickth64Portuguese Talk Board HD 1.2-Yuka King Princess Fury (v1.1 patched patched os30)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Privacy for Facebook (v1.3 patched patched os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Pro RSS Reader (v0.9.82 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Project Peril (v1.4 os30)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Pro Shots Camera 1.21-d Na Pd APro Skat 1.9-App_Ghostpsx4all.v2.0.1Punti Patente 2.4-i Phone Mania Purge Sent.v1.0-iphonix91Quickoffice Connect - Mobile Suite 3.2.0-Lz0PDAqui QR - QR code reader and QR code creator 2.0.1-Spooky Quizzer - deutsches Quizspiel 2.0-Matrix Racing Thunder (v1.0.3 os000)-most_uni Que Racing Thunder 2 (v1.0.5 os22)-most_uni Que Rassegna Stampa 1.3Readdle Docs 2.1.7.i Phone-C4i D.285053111Real Maid 6 1.0.i Phone-C4i DReal Sniper - Fire a sniper gun in real life 1.1-d Na Pd AReal Tennis HD 1.0.0-i Cerveteri Re Bounce - evolved breaking 1.7.1-Kaikz Resident Evil - Degeneration 1.03.00-kuthumi Resident Evil 4 1.01.00-kuthumi Reverse Camera 1.5-Wulgetrg Desert Eagle 50AE - Real Guns 1.1.0.i Phone-C4i DRheumatology - Physician Board Review Q&A 2.1-LPCLPCRing Toggle.v1.0.0-3-sp4Riot FX - Guitar Effects 1.21-Yuka King Robot Rampage 1.0.2-corepda Robot Unicorn Attack 2.0Rocket Sheep Rampage (v1 os30)-most_uni Que Rogue Touch 1.52-D2[C4i D]Rohengrin - Origin 1.0-corepda Roll Out 1.1-Flox2[C4i D]Run Streaker Run Soccer 2010 0.9Sailboat Championship PRO (v1.20 os30)-most_uni Que Salt Shaker (v1.7.1 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Samurai - Way of the Warrior HD 1.0.1-d Euxd Oo MScribattle 1.3.2-Phase_IISecrets for i Pod Touch 2.0-Chino13SG Trains 2.0-Slamm3r Shaun White (v1.4 os31)-most_uni Que Sheep Launcher Plus!1.7.1.i Phone-C4i DSheet Music 1.0-Jacob8185Shrapnel 2.0-bpranke Sight 1.2-Cusipzz Simplepedia Plus 3.3.1-Eman XSketch Book Mobile (v1.3.1 os313)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Slay 2.3-Lz0PDASlovo Ed Compact English-Serbian Dictionary 2.30-DNRSmart Bubble 1.11-Yuka King Snap Text (v1.0 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Soccer Tactics Multiplayer 2.03-Th Ee Nd Solitaire (v2.7.1 os30)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Soundboard -Mc Lovin 1.1-Zattom Soundboard Maker 1.0-Zattom Soundsations (v1.0 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Space Shuttle 9.551-corepda Spartan Hero (v1.02 os30)-most_uni Que Spider - The Secret of Bryce Manor 1.1-kuthumi Spinning Air Hockey 1.0.1-morphine95Stackster (v1.01 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Stand O' Food HD 1.1Star Wars - Battle for Hoth 1.0.0-Dexter420Star Dunk 1.1-corepda STAT Growth Charts 1.81-LPCLPCStick Sports (v2.0 patched os30)-most_uni Que Stock Watch (v4.36 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Stop Motion Recorder 1.0.2-WASHi PATOStream To Me 3.0-sn00p-TEAMSuper Camera 2 - ALL-IN-1 2.1-AJhacks Super Hot Sex (v1.0 patched os30)-most_uni Que Super Mister Mind 1.4.7-Nettium Super Quick Hook 1.20-Kaikz Survivor X 1.2-corepda Sv D Quiz 1.11-Revo Six Syncopy 1.2-Ramsey SYSTEM Manager for i Pad 4.0.1-Kid Geek System Info - Monitoring your device info 1.0.0-AJhacks Tag Me 0.1.1-luudaigiang Talebini 1.0-artypig78Teacher Tool 2.0.03-Lz0PDATen Pin Championship Bowling 1.2-raulongo TETRIS for i Pad 1.4.68-Elit3Thai Check 2.3.1-Pinote THE A-TEAM 1.3.1-Zattom The Adventures of Skew 1.1-Yuka King The Big Picture from 1.0-Bolshoi The Corsair 1.3-toastn1nj4The Gravedigger 1.0.1-Cusipzz The Hacker's Dictionary 1.3-D2[C4i D]The Quest - Islands of Ice and Fire (Official Expansion) 8.2-kuthumi The Quest 8.2-kuthumi The Squadron 1.0-Jogger The Squadron HD 1.0-Jogger The World of Magic 1.0.5.i Phone-C4i DThesaurus App 1.1.0.i Phone-C4i DTiki Totems Premium 1.2.4-Lz0PDATilt to Live (v1.3.1 os221)-most_uni Que Tiny Pixels 1.5-Kaikz Tomb of Qin (v1.01 os30)-most_uni Que Tone FXs.v1.605-sp4Toon PAINT 1.2.0-Zasti Tor Tor Tor - Das Bundesliga-Quiz 1.1-Softi Touch Cricket 1.2-Cracked Touch Icon Creator 1.2-Staffy Touch Retouch 1.0.1-Marmeladwnfanboy Tower Madness 1.6-Lz0PDATower Madness (v1.6 os30)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Town Raiders 3D (v1.1.1 os313)-WORKING-most_uni Que-ARMv7Trails - GPS tracker 4.0-Matrix Trails - GPS tracker 5.0-Matrix Train Conductor 2 - USA 1.3-Kaikz Trans Am Mania 1.40-ROBcrack TRANSFORMERS (v1.1.2 os30)-most_uni Que Treccani - SC 1.0.9-Marcocanc Treccani 1.0.9-Marcocanc Trees Of Doom 1.2.0-Lz0PDATrenches 1.6.5-Lz0PDATrenches 1.6.5-Rekima Trillian Phone-C4i DTriple Jump 2.0-yerro Tune In Radio 1.6.1-Cracker Team Tunes 1.0.1-Ab3r1Kanobee Turbo Subs 2.0.3-VTV Shows 2.0-xoum Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client 4.1.i Phone-C4i DType Messages while Walking 1.0-d Na Pd AU. Immigration FAQ 1.0-sharmanhalluber Clock Alarm Clock 1.2.5-keeskaas Uggles (v2.2 os40)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Uggy (v1.5.6 os221)-most_uni Que Ultimate Guitar Tabs 1.5-i H4cks Ultimate Word Search 1.0.8-Phase_IIUltraviolet Dawn (v1.0 os30)-most_uni Que Urinary Almanac 1.3-LPCLPCVascular Almanac 1.3-LPCLPCVideo MD - Health Videos 1.2-LPCLPCVidster!SLE-corepda Bowmaster (v1.3 os30)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Brain Wave - 23 Binaural Programs 2.5-Cusipzz Bria i Phone Edition - Mobile Vo IP Softphone 1.0.3304-yy Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2010 2.0-artypig78Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior HD 1.7.7-i Dakota Brushes - i Phone Edition 2.2.1-Fabius Brushes - i Phone Edition 2.2.2-idiot_savant Budget Shop 1.2-Yuka King Build-a-lot 1.6-Heartbreaker Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD 1.0-i Dakota Buzzie 2.0.1-idiot_savant Calcbot - Calculate Intelligently 1.0.2-idiot_savant Call Monitor 2.1-Mexican Mafia Call Of Duty World at War-Zombies (With full DLC) 1.4.2Calling Card 1.8.1-Matrix Camera Flash 4.5.1-Wulget Camera ultimate photo app 1.2-Ab3r1Kanobee Camera Bag 1.86-corepda Castlevania Puzzle - Encore of the Night (EU) 1.0.8-i DWChain Link Pro (v1.7 os30)-most_uni Que Chain Link Pro 1.7-ipwnpda Chess Elite 1.4.1-Frank155Chroma Circuit 1.2.57-Thingula City Transit - Official NYC Subway Maps 2.0Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner 1.4-toastn1nj4Color Clock 1.0-Staffy Color Play 1.0-Yuka King COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT for i Pad 1.0.0-Gmat Contacto 1.0-biggle ZContacts P (v1.10.58 os313)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Contacts P XL (v1.3.12 os313)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Contraction Tracker 1.3-Yuka King Convertbot 1.6-Lz0PDAConvertbot - The Amazing Unit Converter 1.6.1-Pretz Cooking Dash 1.4.2Cooking Mama 3.1.0-corepda Craig Select - for craigslist 1.1.2-idiot_savant Craigs Pro 3.15-D2[C4i D]Cram Fighter - NCLEX-RN Edition 1.0.1-LPCLPCCram Fighter - USMLE Step 1 Edition 1.3.2-LPCLPCCram Fighter - USMLE Step 2 CK Edition 1.1.1-LPCLPCCrayon Physics Deluxe 1.0.4-corepda Crayon Physics Deluxe 1.0.4-Thingula Crazy Choppers (v1.1.2 os312)-most_uni Que-ARMv7Crazy for Food 1.1-Yuka King Crazy Pirate Slots 1.2.3-Kaikz Crazy Snowboard HD Pro 1.0-Lexss Credit Score Tracker 2.0.i Phone-C4i DCredito per Tre 1.3-Simonepsp Cro Translate 1.0-luudaigiang Crystal TV 2.0-to XXus Cupcakes!1.5-Zhun CDatabase XPress Manager 1.0-Staffy De Niro Soundboard 1.0-Matrix Deadball Specialist 1.3-Apple Gamer Der Frst von Nicolo Machiavelli 1.0-mrmampf Desktop Connect 2.0.3-rickhi123Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-IV-TR (i Pad) 1.0-rickhi123Dial!1.0-Kissrocknroll2010 World Factbook (v1.20 os221)-most_uni Que2012 Elements USA 1.2-Heartbreaker3D Drum Kit Pro 1.20-Industry Fails9 Innings Pro Baseball 2011 1.0.0-corepda9617 Truyen - Vietnamese Stories 1.3.5-k15bhahaha A Submarine Battle 1.0-corepda A Touch Puzzle 2.2-xerozz A Improving Your Memory 1.1.i Phone-C4i DA. E Air Combat Elite 1.1.0-corepda A2Z of Dermatology 1.3-LPCLPCa Anesthesia 1.6-LPCLPCABContacts 1.6-Fabius AC-130 Spectre 2.4-sharmanhall Accel Golf - Golf GPS Rangefinder 1.0.1-Ab3r1Kanobee Accounts - Checkbook 3.5.3-D2[C4i D]Acrobits Softphone 4.0-TT14ACTCurrency 3.5Action Bowling 1.7.0.i Phone-C4i DAderium Companion for Zimbra 1.7-paabloop Air Assault 2.1.1.patched-corepda Air Files (v1.55 os30)-most_uni Que Air Hockey 1.10.4-Kaikz Air Attack 1.0-corepda Air Bear 1.0.3-Kaikz Air Tycoon - Airline Management 2.7.1-D2[C4i D]Air Tycoon Airline Management 2.7.1-corepda Al Pacino Soundboard 1.0-Matrix Allergy - Physician Board Review Q&A 2.1-LPCLPCAmateur Radio Exam Prep - Extra 2.5-Tracer XAnatomy Atlas 3.1-rickhi123Ancient War 1.7-Lux But Anest Assist PK PD 1.6-LPCLPCAnesthesia (Vol 1) - Physician Board Review Q&A 2.2-LPCLPCAnesthesia (Vol 2) - Physician Board Review Q&A 2.2-LPCLPCAngry Birds 1.4.0-sharmanhall Angry Viking (v1.2.0 os313)-most_uni Que Animoticons Emoji 4.0-LPCLPCAnonyma 1.2-artypig78Anytime Golf - Magic Touch 1.3-Heartbreaker Apollo News HD 1.0-Ab3r1Kanobee App Box Pro 1.5.2-corepda Aqua Moto Racing 1.0.3-D2[C4i D]Are Muslim Women Oppressed 1.0-LPCLPCARKANOID 1.2.0.i Phone-C4i DArmada - Galactic War 1.3-Dexter420Armageddon 1.0-IDMaster Articles 1.3-joshuajag Astro Dodge 1.0-IDmaster At Bat 2010 for i Pad 1.2.3-Kid Geek Atlas of Anatomy 1.3-LPCLPCAtomic Web Browser 3.0.5-Fabius Audio Memos 2 - The Voice Recorder 2.71-Yuka King Audio In - Wi Fi wireless headphones 1.2.2-D2[C4i D]Awesome Ball 1.6.3-Rekima Awesome Note ( Todo) 4.2-Jacky Chen BABEL Rising 1.3-yerro Babylonian Twins 1.1.1-yerro Babylonian Twins 1.1.1.patched-corepda Backbreaker Football (v1.5 os221)-most_uni Que Bad Calculator 1.0-oivayha Ballz!

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