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When opening bag there was a random piece of bacon just laying in the bag, nothing we ordered came with bacon.

The food looked like it was thrown together with half the condiments not on the bun. This was our #1 go to spot and now cant say we will be trying it again any time soon.

In 1970, Thomas opened a second location in Columbus. In 2011, the company sold its majority share of Arby’s to the Roark Capital Group due to lackluster sales.

This location would add the first modern drive-thru window in 1971 that used speakers, rather than waitress on rollerskates. By 1976, there are 500 restaurants and the company goes public on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol: WEN. In 1979, Wendy’s was the first chain to introduce a salad bar. The company continues to hold an 18.5% interest in Arby’s.

The company is beta-testing a meatless burger made from black beans in an attempt to lure in vegan and vegetarian customers.

They kept it for us until we could drive back and recover it. I wish to praise the honesty and integrity of all the workers at this restaurant.

Thomas liked the idea of square burgers that stuck out from the bun. In 2006, the company headquarters is moved to Dublin, Ohio, where they remain today.

He believed customers would be impressed with the quality of the meat they could see. In 2008, the company merged with Triac, owner of Arby’s.

We are requesting “Wendy’s” to sponsor us this summer for our camps.

Last year, we had over 3,000 campers that attended our camp.

On Wednesday March 14, 2018, my wife and I were traveling to Savannah, Ga.

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