Accommodating the needs of designated students


The Monterey County Office of Education website can be translated into many different languages using the Google™ Translate Service, hereinafter referred to as the “Service”.

Students are encouraged to meet with a Student Accessibility Services professional to develop a plan for their academic accommodations.

A core principle of the Smarter Balanced system is accessibility for students who take the test.

Accessibility resources provided on Smarter Balanced assessments ensure equitable access for students with diverse accessibility needs and preferences.

Smarter Balanced tests are designed so that students who take them—including students who are learning English or have special needs—can participate in the tests meaningfully and demonstrate what they know and can do.

As a result, our end-of-year test includes accessibility resources that address visual, auditory, and physical access barriers—allowing virtually all students to show what they know and can do without compromising the assessment construct.

The essential requirements of an academic course or program need not be modified to accommodate an individual with a disability.

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