Accommodating the needs of designated students pensacola florida phone dating


The guide is available for download as a PDF, an accessible BRF, or a BRF for downloading.Smarter Balanced worked with educators, students, and experts in the field to design and test the assessment system.The maintenance and publishing of content for this site is done in English.Because the Service provides automated computer translations there may be differences in meaning between the English and translated language.A request for accommodation is deemed reasonable if it: The University of Maine is committed to maintaining a respectful, fair campus environment, free from discrimination, including discriminatory harassment.The goal of the university is to prevent discrimination from occurring and to provide an effective means of raising and promptly resolving complaints.Smarter Balanced and Desmos are proud to offer calculators that are both free to students and include cutting edge accessibility features.

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Smarter Balanced partnered with WIDA to help question writers and reviewers examine the language complexity level used in the Consortium’s questions.A core principle of the Smarter Balanced system is accessibility for students who take the test.Accessibility resources provided on Smarter Balanced assessments ensure equitable access for students with diverse accessibility needs and preferences.Toward that end, the university offers internal complaint procedures to resolve concerns of discrimination or harassment on account of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, including transgender status or gender expression, national origin or citizenship status, age, disability, genetic information, or veteran status.These issues may be raised by faculty, staff, students, or members of the community.Accessible Calculators Utilizing the principles of universal design, these accessibility resources include Braille, stacked Spanish translations, videos in American Sign Language, glossaries provided in 10 languages and several dialects, as well as translated test directions in 19 languages.

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