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Don’t forget to wander inside the city hall, where for 4€ you can view the city hall and the old courthouse next door!

If you think the city hall is beautiful on the outside, just wait till you get inside!

Admission is 8€ per adult and the museum is open Tuesdays to Sunday from am to 5 pm.

Bruges is beautiful, there’s no doubt about it, and some of the most beautiful streets are a little harder to find than the popular tourist hotspots.

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If you want to chill out and take it slow, head to Minnewater for a laid-back stroll and a drink at the reasonably priced cafe on the lake.

The admission fee for the Belfry is 10€ for 26-64-year-olds and 8€ for 6-25-year-olds and 65s and over, so it is great value.

Just be aware though that you must climb up a very narrow, winding staircase with people going both ways, so be prepared for tight spaces and a steep incline.

Having served as a marketplace since the year 958, the Markt Square is steeped in history!

Grab some Belgian chocolates from a nearby Chocolatier and perch on a bench to take it all in.

Our tour guide spoke four languages and provided us with an interesting history of the city as we went – 8€ well spent.

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