Adult brugges chat


A trip to Belgium wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the local delicacies.

Famous for its chocolates, waffles and beer, we made sure to sample ample amounts of delicious goodies!

The weather was extremely kind to us during our visit and the park is so pretty in the sunshine.

If you want to chill out and take it slow, head to Minnewater for a laid-back stroll and a drink at the reasonably priced cafe on the lake.

Plus it’s an excellent way to burn off those extra chocolates!

If art’s your thing (sadly not mine), check out the Groeningemuseum for a fabulous collection of Flemish Primitive and Renaissance paintings.

For a perfect city break, here’s my personal travel guide to Bruges, full of our insider tips and recommendations!

While Bruges is technically a city, it’s on the smaller side, which is great if you’re looking for a more chilled out trip.

Grab some Belgian chocolates from a nearby Chocolatier and perch on a bench to take it all in.

Check out The Old Chocolate House for a delectable selection of chocolates at reasonable prices and (they claim) the best hot chocolate in the world!

Although, it was far too hot during our trip, so I can’t vouch for that!

Don’t forget to wander inside the city hall, where for 4€ you can view the city hall and the old courthouse next door!

If you think the city hall is beautiful on the outside, just wait till you get inside!

Although not something we did ourselves, seeing the city from a bike is an extremely popular and safe way to get around.

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