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I have it in writing from the dealer that they repainted it without permission.

This is highly unusual as this suspicious bodywork happened after I bought it.

I got a form letter from the general manager (GM) thanking me for my purchase and inviting me to contact him with any issues. He was out and I explained a little to his secretary.

She was very concerned that this happened and promised to investigate.

It's not a question of what I bought; it's what was done to it and why after I owned it, and what the dealer was going to do to make things right.

They refused to discuss what happened to my car that required over a week of intensive bodywork, even when BMW of North America stepped in to investigate. Something really, really bad must have happened to my car.

I'm ticked that anyone would damage a fantastic car like this, and that they then lied about it.

The job looked OK at the time, but wasn't likely to keep looking new as years and decades pass.

The good news is that my BMW 540 was the most incredible thing I've ever driven. I no longer take for granted the way we conduct every business relationship in the developed world after dealing with this example of how not to treat a repeat customer.

The bad news is that my experience with the dealer was the worst consumer experience I've ever had. My BMW Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) experience was the very, very, very worst consumer experience I've ever had. I invested months searching out the perfect original collectible car.

I preferred to consider my experience as unbelievably awful and indifferent customer service.

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