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Every collector knows original paint is far better looking, more durable and far more desirable than a repaint.A car can be restored a zillion times, but is only original once.

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The job looked OK at the time, but wasn't likely to keep looking new as years and decades pass.If I had crashed it myself that was one thing, but for a dealer to have it repainted without getting my permission is inexcusable.As a BMW owner for over 20 years I refused to admit I'd become a victim of what appeared to be fraud.Remember that it had already undergone a full reconditioning and detailing for two weeks before I bought it.I've got before and after photos of course, and even on those it's obvious to see overspray that wasn't there when I bought it.I wasn't going to leave the better car in which I arrived there overnight, and it's a very good thing that I didn't!

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