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, regarding the perils of using an online dating service.

At first, it piqued my interest and then, prompted me to respond to the author, Michelle Arnold, with this article, albeit six months later.

We were created for relationships and to build society through strong and happy families.

Helping singles find other like-minded, happy Catholics in our over-sexed, culture of death society is indeed an admirable and indispensable service.

"It's isolating." I'm sorry, to me this is just reaching.

Isolation is sitting alone at home waiting for something to happen.

I know what it's like to be single and hoping to find the right one to marry. First, before I married at age 26 and then again, after my unwanted divorce in 1993. After receiving a decree of nullity, I was back in the search for a Catholic man to marry, but "Catholic" was not my only requirement.

I wanted to be with someone who was a "happy" Catholic.

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This is why I disagree with the opinions Miss Arnold put forth in her article about using reputable Catholic internet dating services.Frankly, I think what the founders and employees do at Catholic Match and other reputable Catholic sites is enable people to follow the call of their vocation in a way that is in line with the corporal and spiritual works of Mercy: : Comfort the afflicted (showing compassion for their search for a solid and permanent relationship).While some people might say that's stretching it a bit, I'd say it's a much more reasonable idea than being "distasteful." Being single isn't easy.We need to help one another, and dating sites like Catholic Match are doing just that, one Catholic couple, one Catholic family at a time.Please feel free to send me your comments and questions at [email protected] what is dangerous are people who misrepresent themselves and anyone can do that, online or offline—your neighbor, your boss, your date whom you met through a friend. They accomplish this through actively enforcing the guidelines of the site and using staff to to review as much of the content as reasonably possible and educating their customers on best practices.

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