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Transitioning to a paid plan or renewing your account shall mean that you are satisfied with the quality of the service. The user has the right and ability to change his/her billing plan to another, more convenient plan at any time.All operations for changing the billing plan (or paying for the plan) are carried out by the customer in his/her account.After going through the registration process, every customer of the Send Pulse service becomes a user of the free plan provided by the service.You can remain a user of the free plan if you accept the conditions and limited number of mailings that can be sent.Employees of the service have the right to demand that the client confirm his/her personal information in order to determine its validity. It is strictly forbidden to register multiple free accounts.It will be enough for you to have 1 free account to evaluate the service features.All personal information is subject to use by the Send Pulse service and can be used by employees of the service to contact the user.The user is obligated to provide valid information during the registration process: customers who provide invalid contact information will be deprived of use of the service.

Indeed, heavier court sentences may even be causing the black market industry to adjust its tactics.

The user also uploads the addresses of mailing-list recipients to his/her account to create address books.

All uploaded e-mail addresses are considered the property of the user and are confidential information which is protected by the Privacy Policy of the Send Pulse service.

Registration is carried out on the official website at

During registration, the user fills in required fields with personal information (name, e-mail address, telephone number) and specifies a password which the user will subsequently use for entering his/her account.

Payment of any billing plan or additional service shall take the form of 100% prepayment.

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