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We are confident that you will have a great time at The Franklin Institute no matter when you visit.However, if you are looking for shorter lines and a less busy experience, we suggest individuals purchasing tickets do so on weekends and on weekday afternoons.We run leagues on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and our new draft league on Sundays. Mainway’s two, custom 3 on 3 Ball Hockey rinks provide a unique and fast-paced experience, guaranteed to thrill all hockey fans. Mainway’s Indoor Beach Volleyball court means that you can play all year round!

Pop in and buy tokens or call a day ahead to plan hourly rentals.Lessons are also available to help you improve your game.Mainway’s newly renovated sports bar and restaurant is the social hub of the whole place and offers great service, great food and drink, great value, a friendly atmosphere, high definition TVs and the best wings in town!Call us and we will help you put together the perfect mix of food, drink, fun and games for any party situation.Mainway Sports Centre has added a golf simulator from Trugolf to its list of available products to book for a round of golf or a golf lesson.1750 SW Skyline Blvd, Suite 121 Portland, OR 97221-2533 English (503)292-1814 en español (503)778-5600 Fax (503)297-4513 Email us!

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