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We run leagues on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and our new draft league on Sundays. Mainway’s two, custom 3 on 3 Ball Hockey rinks provide a unique and fast-paced experience, guaranteed to thrill all hockey fans. Mainway’s Indoor Beach Volleyball court means that you can play all year round!

Regardless of your age or skill level, we have hourly rentals, kid’s birthday parties and adult leagues that will satisfy your need for exercise, fun and camaraderie. Whether you are looking for hourly rentals, kid’s birthday parties or adult leagues, Mainway has a way for you to get into the beach volleyball action.

Lessons are also available to help you improve your game.

Mainway’s newly renovated sports bar and restaurant is the social hub of the whole place and offers great service, great food and drink, great value, a friendly atmosphere, high definition TVs and the best wings in town!

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Visitors will have the unique opportunity to play in spectacular multi-player immersive experiences as well as on classic arcade games from the 1970s and '80s while discovering the stories of the designers who have pushed the limits of gaming beyond our wildest imaginations.

Browse rare concept artwork, watch revealing interviews, and beat all the boss levels you can in this landmark exhibition celebrating the names behind the games!

We have over 20 years of experience with kid’s birthday parties and team parties as well as corporate parties, stag and does and other adult events.

With very few exceptions, notably our professional office staff, everyone involved with OASA is a volunteer.

We are players, referees, and coaches who give our time to make sure your game is a pleasant experience.

Starting September 1, 2015, the fee to have your player card returned after receiving a red card will increase from to . OASA is an association of leagues and players dedicated to promoting the game of soccer in Oregon.

The Oregon Adult Soccer Association (OASA) does not run leagues nor do we require our leagues to run outside the parameters set by our bylaws and/or our parent organizations.

The Trugolf simulator comes with the industry leading e6 software which has 85 golf courses including Pebble Beach, St.

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