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It was used with consummate skill by Louis Sullivan for decorative stringcourses on many of his buildings.Modern sculptors who made notable terra-cotta works include Maillol, Despiau, Epstein, and Picasso.Hollow blocks or tiles of rough terra-cotta are used extensively as a structural material for walls and partitions, for floor arches, and for fireproofing.In modern practice terra-cotta is manufactured from carefully selected clays, which, combined with water and vitrifying ingredients, are put through a pug mill or other device to reduce the mass to homogeneity.The towns of Lombardy, Emilia, and Venetia are rich in brick buildings (e.g., the Certosa di Pavia, begun 1396) that are decorated with a profusion of molded terra-cotta detail, such as cornices, stringcourses, window frames, and other exterior ornament.Similarly, the 14th- and 15th-century brick Gothic buildings of N Germany, especially of the district around Brandenburg, had lavish displays of molded terra-cotta.He is especially noted for his imposing allegorical figures for the Gaia Fountain in Siena......

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family developed their characteristic and celebrated polychrome enameled terra-cotta reliefs.

From Italy terra-cotta work spread to other countries, largely through the activities of migrant Italian artisans.

The Château Madrid, now destroyed, designed by Girolamo della Robbia and built for Francis I, was richly decorated with terra-cotta details.

This work placed him in the forefront of the Victorian Gothic revival......

, and received widespread application in the United States as an exterior covering for the skeleton steel structure.

The delicate tracery and other Gothic details of the Church of St.

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