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It added that an enhanced microclimate has been created around each of the buildings using sustainable landscaping methods and massing the shape and size of the buildings, which captures the breeze for natural ventilation while offering protection from wind and dust.

These features complement the urban environment and contribute to overall energy saving.

The square in front of the Cathedral houses the St.

Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, which hosts exhibitions on international art from every religion around the world.

Most of the tombs date back to Victorian times, when Glasgow still boasted a booming industry and was known as the 'second city' of the British Empire.

In those days, the city’s rich industrialists commissioned extravagant tomb monuments designed by Scotland’s best known architects who hired the best sculptors and craftsmen to carry out the work.

Set on higher ground, the cemetery also offers a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding hills.

Etihad Airways has officially opened its Etihad Eco Residence, Abu Dhabi’s first purpose-built, sustainable cabin crew accommodation project.

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With its beautiful flowers and lush vegetation, the Necropolis is anything but sad or melancholy.

Each of the Etihad Eco Residence’s buildings has been designed using low environmental impact construction materials, which aid the reduction of strong sunlight yet maximise available natural daylight.

Solar hot water systems provide 76 percent of the community’s water demand and the buildings’ design encourages greater water efficiency and the reduction of potable water usage, as well as smart waste management.

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This Gothic structure boasts some interesting architecture, but what makes the cathedral truly special is that it is the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland to have survived the 1560 Protestant Reformation.

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