Alaska dating scene

My fellow traveling imbibers were all about the Anchorage Distillery.4.Because of the Insta-Envy" data-reactid="74"Maybe you’re a budding Instagrammer.And mother-daughter duo Mandy and Kiersten Dixon run the hearty La Beleine Cafe in Homer, a must-stop on any Alaskan itinerary.Related:  An Alaskan Chef Battles Cancer One Recipe at a Time" data-reactid="52"Bottoms up.We bumped along the beautiful blue to the Tutka Bay Lodge." data-reactid="154"There’s nothing like screaming together over a bumpy ride on Mako’s Water Taxi to Homer.Don’t forget to take a photo to capture the surprise on your wind-whipped faces.Bear-watching was not on the itinerary, but there was lots of bonding over sightseeing and seafood.I traveled with a small group of fun-loving, foodie girls — we called ourselves “Karen & the Funky Bunch.” Turns out getting away from the lower 48 with just the ladies is freeing, empowering, and… There’s just a lot of room and reason to play around in Alaska.

You wake to little songbirds in the morning." data-reactid="114"The hotel rooms at the Historic Anchorage Hotel are wide open, like Alaska itself, with big comforters and blackout curtains (I loved putting on a glacial facial mask here). Because There’s So Much Sunlight" data-reactid="115"Long days in Alaska.

We bumped along the beautiful blue to the Tutka Bay Lodge.10.

Because of the Exploring" data-reactid="155"I got your back, girlfriend!

Alaska feels like a big, safe space to share secrets. Because of the Girl (Food) Power" data-reactid="33"You’ll need some extra muscle for these mussels at Captain Pattie’s.

(Photo: Ko Im)Tracy’s King Crab Shack in Juneau is celebrating her 10-year anniversary.

Craft breweries have exploded all over America, and Alaska is no exception.

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