Albie and lindsey still dating daniel birkhead dating


"It should just work." Melissa's mother shoots back: "How's that working for you? Mindful of the therapist's advice to spend more quality time together, Melissa asks Teresa to come over for Sunday dinner.

Teresa compliments her 11-year-old daughter's booty in front of the rest of the dancers and, oh yeah, America.

After the party, Corte Ellis from Soul Diggaz comes by the Gorga house and suggests that Melissa perform at Beatstock She tells us the crowd there is tough, and she's worried about getting booed off the stage.

"If you pull it off, those people out there in the audience are your fans, probably your fans for life," he tells her.

Albie is bringing his girlfriend, and Lauren is a little apprehensive about meeting her. I know what a whore looks like." Albie, Chris, Lindsey and a few other friends are already at the bar when Caroline shows up. She needs to vacuum when he's not around, fold the laundry, buy a fruit basket, because that's what a wifey would do." And most important: Sex for shoes. He's 26 years old and he can't handle a job handed to him by the gods of nepotism and reality television, plus a girlfriend?

When Albie hugs her, he whispers that Lindsey is nervous, but Caroline is perfectly friendly ... Meanwhile, Caroline doesn't even think her son is capable of having a relationship at this point in his life. "What's I've seen of Lindsey so far, she's very sweet, but girls want to be the priority," Caroline says. He needs a person who's going to understand that he's very, very committed to work." Later in the evening, Joe has doffed his shirt and offers to let Greg drink a shot off his chest.

Teresa says she'll bring dessert; what's Melissa's favorite dessert? Melissa says she's happy that everyone seems to be getting along and gives a shout-out to Jesus.

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