Albie and lindsey still dating


Why must we be reminded of Gia's impending puberty every other episode?It's creepy to include it, Bravo, and it's creepier that Gia appears to be playing it for camera time.Greg downs the shot but doesn't lick whatever he was supposed to lick of Joe's chest, saying he'd be too scared because Melissa "has razor blades all up in her hair." Wouldn't surprise me in the least.Melissa convinces the deejay to play her single "Rock Star," and she gets on the bar to dance, pulling Lindsey along. Follow @Vicki Hy • 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: Tawk therapy • 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: Shifting loyalties • 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: Showdown at the Bergen County corral • 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: Joe Giudice's Homophobia Hit Parade • 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: A blue ribbon day for drama • 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: Brother, can you spare a whine?"The world could be crumbling down, I always have a smile on my face." Teresa congratulates Gia, picking her up in a big hug, and then grabbing her butt, saying, "I love this ." Gia shoves Teresa hard, completely out of the camera frame (that's the bigger sin) and stomps off. Rosie brings her new friend Brianne over to Kathy's house for dinner to meet the family, including Kathy and Rosie's mother, Maria.I'd much rather recap the food: stuffed mushrooms, meatballs in a rich-looking tomato sauce, fusilli, plump sausages ... Lauren takes her brother Chris and Greg aside and complains about how negative Caroline was about their possible storefront.Teresa says she'll bring dessert; what's Melissa's favorite dessert? Melissa says she's happy that everyone seems to be getting along and gives a shout-out to Jesus.

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Next, we see Melissa learning choreography from Cris Judd, the second former Mr.Besides, he knows people who will help her prepare. I like to say that.") In Hoboken, Greg Bennett tells Chris Manzo that he spotted "a strange coat and a strange purse on the table, and neither were mine." Turns out Albie Manzo brought his girlfriend Lindsey, the Jets cheerleader, home because she was a little under the weather.We get a quick shot of Lindsey sneaking out of the apartment clutching her belongings in a white plastic garbage bag."It should just work." Melissa's mother shoots back: "How's that working for you? Mindful of the therapist's advice to spend more quality time together, Melissa asks Teresa to come over for Sunday dinner.Teresa agrees, but dismisses the bulk of the therapist's advice -- "I know whenever I come over to your house, I never have a chip on my shoulder." Yeah, it's a freaking boulder." (I picture Teresa Giudice counting on her fingers and looking confused.) Over at Teresa's, Gia and Milania are helping create Antonia's birthday card while Gabriella is Windexing a table. She's the most well-behaved and thus the least-seen of all the Giudice kids. When Joe Giudice -- shirtless, of course -- tells Teresa he doesn't want to go to Antonia's party, Milania the Terrible says, "You are so mean, you big poop." Teresa ineffectually protests and then simply walks away. Seems her beauty bar at Chateau Salon didn't work out, so she and her mother are going into business together to run a standalone beauty boutique. It is pretty awful, but apparently they stuck with it.

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