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What is true love and how do you know when you have found it? Answer Fornication Nia Vardalos “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “Connie and Carla” Richard Dreyfuss “W.” (2008), “Poseidon” (2006) Rachel Dratch, María Adánez, Macarena Benites, Sheila Bernette, Heather Blair, María Botto, Jareb Dauplaise, Alexis Georgoulis, Simon Gleeson, Caroline Goodall, Alistair Mc Gowan, Christina Mitropoulou, Ralph Nossek, Natalie O'Donnell, Ian Ogilvy, Brian Palermo, Sophie Stuckey, Harland Williams26 Films, Kanzaman, Playtone Productions, Playtone, Tom Hanks, Mark Albela, Michelle Chydzik Sowa, Peter Friedlander, Gary Goetzman, Nathalie Marciano, Denise O'Dell, Denis Pedregosa, Peter Safran, Rita Wilsonhose looking for the repeated quality of the classic “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding,” should stay away from this cheesy, one-dimensional failure.Answer Love in the Bible Should I save sex for marriage? Filled with broad stereotypes and crude sexual content, “My Life in Ruins” is much better skipped.What kind of message are we sending to the next generation?In Driving Aphrodite [for which she contributed to the script], all the women support each other, and that’s the message that I’m sending to the audience.’Next up on the work front is a chick flick romcom called I Hate Valentine’s Day, which she wrote and directed, and which reunited her with John Corbett. I would like to see what I could do with a real budget.One of the biggest-grossing independent movies of all time, it was about a Greek woman who fell in love with a non-Greek whose family struggled to accept the situation while she struggled to accept her own heritage.Being Greek and chunky is what Nia was most famous for.

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‘You were beautiful if you were funny, and everybody in my family is funny, therefore beautiful.’Certainly today she carries herself with supreme confidence. I did break up with cheese during the process, though I’m now able to eat it again.

But I would like to pursue acting and writing as well.

I don’t believe in categorising myself in any way.‘People seem to think I’ve had this charmed life, that I was plucked from obscurity by Tom Hanks.

I don’t believe in cutting everything out.’Since her daughter arrived, Nia’s attitude to work has completely changed.

When she was trying to get the script for My Big Fat Greek Wedding – based on her own one-woman stage show – made into a movie, producers only wanted to option it if it was My Big Fat Italian Wedding, or My Big Fat Hispanic Wedding, and without her playing the lead part.

Nia is still resolutely Greek (despite living in Los Angeles), but she is now svelte and sculpted.

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