Alexis georgoulis nia vardalos dating


But I would like to pursue acting and writing as well.I don’t believe in categorising myself in any way.‘People seem to think I’ve had this charmed life, that I was plucked from obscurity by Tom Hanks. ‘The ten years of not being able to have a child came with an immense sense of shame,’ she explains.‘For about two years I went through complete withdrawal from the public eye.‘You know, I’d really built up being a mother after ten years of trying – and it’s ten times better than I ever expected.’Nia and Ian met at Chicago improvisational theatre company the Second City; she says she knew instantly that this was ‘the one’, and they have been married since 1993, when they moved to LA.But despite all the accolades of her career – an Oscar nomination for writing My Big Fat Greek Wedding; a spin-off hit TV series, My Big Fat Greek Life, and the movie Connie and Carla with David Duchovny, in which she played a woman pretending to be a man dressing up as a woman – she’d been haunted by her unfulfilled desire to be a mother.So yes, I asked the Oracle, and amazingly I got the call during filming.

She lost 40lb on her doctor’s orders after he diagnosed a blood-sugar problem, and her new look is a physical manifestation of the way her whole life has completely turned around in the past year.She has a longed-for daughter, she’s directed her first film, and there’s a new air of contentment about her.Her latest movie, Driving Aphrodite (directed by Donald Petrie of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Miss Congeniality), was filmed in Athens – the first time a crew had gained permission to shoot at the Pantheon and the Acropolis – and in one scene a couple make a wish for a child at the Oracle of Delphi. ‘We added that to the film, because while I was there I asked for a child and my wish was granted.’ Tears start to fall slowly.‘I had three guys in a row dump me for a skinny blonde girl.In one case, he met the other girl at a party we were both at and took her home, and I then had to go to his apartment to get my bicycle.She’s frustrated with life, frustrated with love, waiting for her big chance as an academic and in the meantime earning a living as a tour guide around Athens at the helm of a dilapidated coach.

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