Anne dating hathaway

"We really just talked about what positions we liked and disliked," he cracked.

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In addition to hardly ever being home and not helping out with the kids, there's a good chance that Shakespeare had affairs in London.So if you're wondering about the woman behind the Bard, here are ten things you might not know about Anne Hathaway (and no, not that Anne Hathaway).There's a lot of mystery surrounding Shakespeare's life.On the other hand, we have no proof that they weren't planning to get married (secretly pregnant brides were pretty standard in Elizabethan England).Shakespeare's family business was floundering at the time, and the Hathaways had good finances and social standing, so the marriage definitely didn't hurt his image.But there are a few juicy details that we do know about the Shakespeare family, so here's what we can piece together about the original Anne Hathaway: William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway got married in late November of 1582, and their first child was born in May of 1583.

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