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You just dial a private 10-digit phone number assigned to PAL (your own PC).

Then, PAL can read and/or play to you a wide range of information from Outlook, the Internet, and other sources: PAL OUTLOOK *Recites your inbound e-mail (filteredo…that stores data about your family, friends, co-workers, etc.

A built in character counter allows for message length to be…bring important information to its users in the form of text pages, phone calls or SMS messages via any TAPI compliant hardware including a voice modem or telephony card.

Unlike other programs of this type, CT Messenger uses software DSP algorithms for detecting the type of response (busy, no answer… Navigator provides mobile phone-PC data synchronization for comfort and advanced management.

Some of the key features: Fast conversion of midi files without recording.

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Record Voice Memos Bluetooth support for certain Bluetooth enabled cell phones to remote control presentations Directors Note Pad helps amateur film makers organize their ideas shot by shot, and view them on screen in slide… Mobile Phone Search & Lookup.The Appointment Manager records subject, location, start date and time, stop date and time, and category.Subject, location, and cagegory fields are smart lists; allowing you to select previous entries.Mobile Phone simcard data recovery tool runs easely on all Microsoft windows OS such as Win 98, Win ME, windows XP.Simcard recovery application provides easy and safe user friendly graphical user interface GUI and recover allo… PC software that enables you to call your PC remotely from any cell phone or telephone, and hear the information you need.Note Pager is elegant in design and inexpensive in price.

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