Aol mail not updating on android

If you entered the wrong server address, username, or password when setting up the account on your phone, you won't be able to get an email.If that's the case, begin by deleting the troublesome email account by tapping: With the email account deleted, double check all the settings that you should use to access this account and go through the process of adding an email account to your i Phone again (you can also sync the account to your phone through i Tunes).Like so: If you decide that you'd like more space to compose a certain email just click the expand button to switch to the original full-pane mode.Like so: You can set "Pop-Up" as your default compose mode on the "Compose" page in Mail Settings.

" Simply put, it makes things bigger and easier to read inside AOL Mail.

Each email provider has different ways to provide support, but a good bet is to log into your email account on the web and then look for links like Help or Support.

If your email provider can't help, you may have a problem that's bigger or more complex than you can solve.

If you're trying to check a work email account, and if the first five steps didn't work, it may be that the problem doesn't lie with your i Phone at all.

The problem might reside on the email server that you're trying to download email from.

You can get to Mail Settings from the "Options" menu in the top right corner of AOL Mail.

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