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“I think once I’m done with ski racing, I’ll have a much different appreciation for my journey thus far and the fact that I know that I can overcome any obstacle that’s put in my path.” RELATED VIDEO: How This Year’s Olympics Are ‘Sort of a Redemption’ for Bronze Medalist Nick Goepper When she gets back to L. 1, says she is “really excited” for the change in perspective that will be required by the change in scenery.(She isn’t dating anyone at the moment.) “I’ve been so tunnel-vision on the Olympics for so long, and it’s been really difficult with relationships and just any sort of personal life whatsoever,” she says.(Sponsored by P&G’s Bounty, she jokes she was glad to work with them because, with the messes her dogs make, “I needed a fresh new stock.” ) Vonn does, however, have immediate post-Olympics plans. “I’ll have about two weeks off, so it’ll be nice.” (“I’m pretty much going to Postmates some Ben & Jerry’s and binge-watch for a while,” she says.) All along these Games Vonn has kept up her usual social media presence, documenting the highs and lows of her journey, responding to both supporters and critics.(Some of her detractors were motivated by her recent political opinions, including saying she would not accept an invitation, if extended, to visit the White House.) “I definitely have gotten a lot, a lot of support and a lot of great messages and it’s been really nice to receive that,” Vonn says, “and definitely a lot of hate as well but that’s social media and I try to just remember who I am and stay true to my positive message and continue to share my life.” With her bronze medal last week in the women’s downhill ski race, Vonn became the oldest female alpine medalist.

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After the podium celebration, Woods was escorted by police to a waiting snowmobile and taken away.Before her race, her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods emailed her good luck.She says the two “stay in touch,” though she’s been too busy recently to check her emails and see if he reached out again after her recent victory.“I’ve tried to be a good role model and I have my foundation and I’ve tried to give back as much as I can, and ski racing is what I’ve done but it’s not who I am,” Vonn says, “and I think I’m just kind of realizing that now, so hopefully people can see that as well.” Keep Following PEOPLE’s Complete Coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics “I mean there’s a lot of me that I’ve shared, but there’s also a lot that I haven’t shared,” she says, “and I think most of my life has been about ski racing, obviously, until now.So we’ll see how that transforms the next few years and how it shapes up, but there’s definitely a lot of layers to me and to my personality and who I am, so hopefully I get a chance to share that.” Her long-term future is a bit hazy — maybe she’ll act, she wonders aloud, before joking that maybe her dog Lucy will act and she’ll work as her agent. and be home with my sister for a little bit and enjoy some downtime, and then I have one more race at World Cup finals in Sweden,” she says.The golfer then surprised Vonn and gave the skier an emotional hug.

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