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“He was out with his cast and crew that night for dinner. By using the Jayne Stars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use. Taiwanese Idol Series [It Started With A Kiss]’s sequel [They Kiss Again] is going to be aired in Singapore.The first kiss during his high school days was the most nervous of all He was very familiar with his kissing skills in the series [They Kiss Again], when Xiao Zhong think back about his own first kiss, it was during the field trip when he was still in high school: [That time (I) was very nervous, I kept staring at her (girlfriend) and don’t know when to kiss.

Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) and Lin Yi Chen are the best couple onscreen; Xiao Zhong’s family especially looking forward to the two going from reel to real.

After his two costars left, Joe and his male friend stayed around and continued chatting.

The two interacted intimately—at one point, Joe snuggled up against his friend’s shoulder, hugged his arm, and brushed his chin.

The intimate interaction between Joe and Ding Yi has led to speculation about Joe’s sexuality. He is usually more respectful around his female friends, though.” Jayne Stars Media LLC reserves all copyrights.

However, his manager immediately denied the gay rumor, saying, “Impossible. He has had many interviews in the past where he talked about his ideal woman.”His manager, Miss Song, explained that Joe has always been a very affectionate person, and that he is quite touchy with his close friends. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

While filming intimate scenes, amusing and embarrassed In the sequel, Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen’s scenes were not just about kissing; there are even some steamy intimate scenes.

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