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Wearing parts like batteries, rubber feet, accessories and similar products are not covered by warranty or extended warranty.The extended warranty is only available for products that are sold by authorized dealers within authorized countries.For further information please refer to our Guidelines for Dynaudio Warranty.In this section of the site we aim to answer the most important questions that people ask about the cookie law. The most common model used is 'implied consent', which basically means that it is OK to use cookies when a visitor arrives, as long as they are gven information and the option to change how cookies are used.air cargo China 2018 will again be hosted from May 16-18, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

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The registration process on the website is in English.

If products are sold by non-authorized dealers the warranty is limited to the legal minimum warranty period of the territory.

The extended warranty is always linked to the country of purchase and is therefore only valid in the country of purchase.

Dynaudio warrants its active products (i.e.: Xeo or SUB woofers) against defects in material or workmanship in accordance to current National Legal Warranty standards in the given country, from the date of purchase by the end-customer.

If the end-customers register their products at the Dynaudio website, the warranty is extended to 96 (ninety six) months total on the passive parts and 36 months total on the electronic parts.

The warranty is transferrable from the original owner as long as a copy of the original purchase invoice is provided to support and validate any warranty claim.

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