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If they are the best dance school and you specifically went there so your child would do better.

You don’t know about all their politics and unfairness until you go.

Avec Move With Africa, 150 jeunes et 30 professeurs s'investissent concrètement dans un projet de coopération au développement en Afrique.

Au terme d'une préparation de plusieurs mois, ils partent à la rencontre d'un autre pays, de ses habitants et de leur culture.

Teachers should be only offering lessons if they can be offered equally to all students.

Teachers get caught up focusing on students they want to do well (to make themselves look better) at the expense of other students.

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You also don’t want to be moving schools again and having another ban.

You just have to sometimes suck it up (NT) -- IDMum, Wed, Mar 21 2018, " I agree, it is not always easy to leave particularly at this point in the year but sucking it up should not be an option it is morally wrong when all students enter a school equally.

There are always students that have more natural talent, are willing to work harder etc but there are always favorites. How it is dealt with depends on such a large range of variables.

(NT) -- DM, Thu, Mar 22 2018, " I’ve found in the past when I have said something to the teachers around unfair treatment of my child they then pick on her and say stuff that I may have called them on. (NT) -- Idmum, Fri, Mar 23 2018, " Why don't you play dumb as ask.

Not nice to realise your child and most of the class are there merely to subsidise lessons for one or two others.

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