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You must know that Austrian women appreciate personal space very much, so do not interfere it, if she herself does not want it.

All women in Austria, over 18 are called “Frau” (Lady). If you are going to meet Austrian lady with business lunch or if you are going to have a date with Austrian woman you never should be late. Common thought that it is normal for ladies to be 5 minutes late for a date does not work with Austrian women.

If you want to behave properly on Austrian first date with Austrian woman and want this date not to be the last one, you have to ask your close Austrian friend about norms and rules of behaviour or find information on our website.

You must know, that it is not ok to hold the door for Austrian woman and pass the door after her.

Would not that be the perfect combination for a wonderful relationship?

How is it if the wife or the girlfriend has total different interests and hobbys?

As a good present you may use chocolate, wine or parfumes.

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