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Today it is one of three major Internet sites about holy union, including Ave Maria Singles.com, which emphasizes Catholic courtship over dating, and Catholic where, according to its creators, 150,000 active users mix their search for love with some of the Gospel. Raphael.net, is a convenient site for self-identified Catholics who want to date and then marry other self-identified Catholics.Users can e-connect, arrange a date, find love and ultimately work some sacramental matri-magic.As with any dating adventure—cyber or otherwise—Catholic does not lack entertaining encounters. She wanted to date and ultimately marry a Catholic but felt she could go on a first date with “just about anybody—as long as it was short.”“The men I met [online] were very nice,” Sisson said.“But they were looking for wives and fairly quickly. I've found you never know where you'll find the right one, but the specialized dating websites have certainly provided more of what I was looking for at times.“They help people find those who are like-minded in their faith and in interest in their faith.”Tusim said she never had trouble meeting men prior to dating online, but the usual post-college courting rituals netted her less than promising results.Initially she was hesitant, even shy, about entering the online ranks, but after a few cocktails and with her lady friends nearby, Anna signed on and made contact.After a few fizzles he met Nicole, who worked at a Starbucks out in California.They agreed on everything from natural family planning to the greatness of and felt an intense connection that grew stronger with every email and long distance phone call.

I thought I would share something that has made a world of difference for me in getting to know people I've met through online dating and hope its helpful to someone reading this.

“It made the question, ‘Do you want to go to church sometime?

’ much easier.”Tusim and Richards are set to marry in July.

There are also the issues of compatibility and chemistry as well.

I'm in my early thirties and want to go on dates and meet someone, and its been discouraging as the number of bad dates outnumber the good ones a lot.

Their first meeting occurred about a month after they had started talking, when Jeff paid for Nicole to visit him in Indiana — where he was working in student affairs at the University of Southern Indiana. They married on August 16, 2003, and about a year later they celebrated the birth of their first child. More and more people are going online to find a date or meet the love of their life.

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