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in her cute navy blue uniform with pleated skirt and stockings, gets into a bind in her motel room, tied and ring gagged, then tied off to the rollaway bed, ball gagged with her legs spread and lashed to the frame... 01/15/18 New Video Clip: Vivian Chen gets into more trouble in her hotel room, bound and tightly cleave gagged in her sexy black dress, then tape gagged and left with the Hitachi purring and driving her wild... 01/12/18 Vivian Chen returns and gets into some unexpected trouble in her hotel room, bound in her sexy black lace-up dress, her mouth stuffed and cleave gagged, then left with the Hitachi, her purse missing, and one heel slipping off... 01/08/18 New Video Clip: Dani Doll tied up in her cute polka dot dress, her mouth stuffed and cleave gagged, then plastic wrap and tape added by the bad guy who came by to rip off her entertainment system, helpless and finally secured to the closet door... 01/04/2018 Retro Dani Doll finds herself in trouble again!) for a night of dressing up - ending up bound, cleave gagged with panties in her mouth, Hitachi'ed and left pantyhose hooded and alone... 09/25/17 New Video Clip: Sandra strictly tied and helpless in the kitchen, panel gagged, standing and taking tiny steps, then in a kneeling hogtied and blindfolded, and sent into subspace big time! 09/22/17 Sandra in her polka-dot dress gets into a serious bind, first hogtied and lashed off to the sofa, then standing in the kitchen strictly tied and panel gagged, and finally left blindfolded and alone on her knees while she drifts into subspace... 09/15/17 Kaitlynn Nguyen returns, in her street-walker outfit with a white tank top, short skirt, strappy heels and her hair pulled back, ring gagged, tied up in lots of rope and bent over humping the sofa for her client... 09/11/17 New Video Clip: Delilah Knotty in a "personal" video from a few years back, strapped up tight in her cute plaid uniform, ball gagged, microfoam taped, blindfolded and enduring the Hitachi... 09/08/17 Delilah Knotty returns, red maid in a bind, she spends a long night in hotel bondage ring gagged, cleave gagged, OTM gagged, bound with her elbows lashed back, standing helpless, and on her knees... 09/01/17 Sandra helpless in tight sticky PVC tape, with tape job by Delilah and photos by Ninja Jon, energetic struggling with no way to escape all that tight pvc, her lips completely sealed... 08/29/17 New Video Clip: Paige Andrews helpless in some guy's strange home where she ends up taking bondage photos whether she wants to or not, tied up in her Hooters outfit, cleave gagged, vetwrap and pantyhose hooded... 08/25/17 Paige Andrews was loving her new waitressing gig but never expected she'd end up in a bind, tied up in her scrunch socks, cleave gagged with panties in her mouth, then vetwrap added, pantyhose hooded and left completely helpless... 08/21/17 New Video Clip: Dani Doll in her off-the-shoulder dress gets discovered in self-bondage by Otto Devoid, her wrists re-tied, ring gagged, humping a pillow, scuba goggles, and finally left hogtied and blindfolded on the sofa... 08/17/17 Dani Doll returns in her sexy off-the-shoulder dress and cute short hair, she was just planning to do some self-bondage at home but things turned a bit more real when she left the back patio door unlocked... 08/15/17 New Video Clip: Sandra in her retro plaid-skirted dress, microfoam tape gagged and then hogtied and helplessly trying to move across the floor inch by inch, bondage by Delilah... 08/08/17 New Video Clip: Allison Li in her super-cute uniform gets placed in an extended "time out" with the Hitachi secured in her lap... 08/01/17 New Video Clip: Vivian Chen hogtied in her sexy red dress, ball gagged and struggling on her hotel room bed, and then losing her heels as she tries to find a more comfortable position... She dresses up like a cheerleader and naively agrees to meet with her big "fan" Sandra, tied up, cleave gagged, OTM gagged and wondering what she's gotten herself into... Sexy in her black top and shiny red pvc skirt, bound, tape gagged, then chairtied, pantyhose hooded and left completely helpless... 12/06/16 New Video Clip: TS Anna Sky running late for the office, chairtied in her green blouse, black skirt and red heels, cleave gagged and struggling with those knots just out of reach, poor gurl... 12/02/16 Introducing TS Anna Sky in her classy green blouse and black skirt, she was just getting ready to go in to the office when she heard a sound behind her, chairtied and cleave gagged with a big pair of panties shoved in her mouth... 11/24/16 An early update with Sandra all in white in her underwear and sheer blouse, tied up by Delilah, gagged with clear tape and left wet and hogtied in the tub with no escape as the ropes tighten down... 11/16/16 A special guest gallery from Cincher, with sexy Paige Andrews in a two-day bondage marathon! Maybe she shouldn't have answered that phone after all... 08/12/16 Kaitlynn Nguyen strips down - red corset and business suit, lingerie, clothespins, cuffed, strapped, ring gagged and harness gagged, showing off her cute pumped-up breasts and cinched-in waist 75 pictures Tues. returns, zip tied to her chair, her mouth fully stuffed with a leather strap to hold everything in place, then left helpless and chairtied in the closet... 03/18/16 Dani in her blue and white Heidi Dress with garters and stockings, made into a sissy for a long night of captivity, bound with her mouth stuffed and wrapped, and struggling on a bare mattress on the floor... 03/11/16 Kyra Pixie checks into a hotel and awaits her contact, never expecting that she'd be bound and pimped out later that night, there's a high price to pay when you don't follow the rules...I do believe that spankee is doing the classic trying to “swim” away from her spanking technique. It’s been a busy year with lots of changes all for the good so I’ve neglected this site for my private life.Sorry if anyone feels cheated but real life does have to come first.

returns in her cool lettered tights, sparkly top and booty shorts, waiting on a girlfriend but interrupted by an unexpected visitor, bound up and crotch-roped, damp panties shoved in her mouth and layers of tight clear tape sealing up her lips... 03/19/18 New Video Clip: Hooters Gurl Tanya in a bind, busty and tied up in her cute uniform, cleave gagged, then microfoam tape added onscreen by her captor, then stuck in the closet and wondering what she's gotten herself into... 03/16/18 Introducing busty Tanya, first posing in her plaid skirt and tank top, strapped up and ball gagged, then tied up as a helpless Hooters Gurl, cleave gagged with panties, then microfoam taped added, pantyhose hooded and stuck in the closet... 03/12/18 New Video Clip: Kaitlynn Nguyen first closet tied and ball gagged overnight, then discovered by crazy realtor lady Sandra who re-ties her and sticks her in the trunk for a long weekend... 03/09/18 Kaitlynn Nguyen's Chinese New Year Gone Bad! Love in motel trouble, tied up, her mouth stuffed and cleave gagged with lots of struggling and gag talking, then vetwrap gagged and surprised as her captor's buddy walks in on her... She gets into a bind in the shady fetish club where she was sent, then ends up chairtied in the laundry room and finally mummified in the back bedroom as she's readied for transport... 11/16/17 An extra bonus update this week with a special guest story written by Eliselle Yu, more explicit and intense than what we normally see around here, featuring Sandra, who wonders what kind of trouble she's gotten into, with archive photos by Amber Katt and Paul Logan 54 pictures Mon. returns in her crop top and tight red skirt, and finds herself having another motel adventure, first on the bed and then left stuck all night in the closet, bound and secured and finally OTM gagged... 06/30/17 Kaitlynn Nguyen returns in her red blouse and finds her legs spread once again to show off her white panties, bound, ball gagged, clothespins, and left in a compromising position frogtied and on her back... 06/23/17 Polka-dot lady Sandra was surfing the web when she got a visit from Delilah, all tied up with a tight cleave gag, then lashed off to the table leg and finished off with a tight OTM gag for extra silencing... 04/04/17 New Video Clip: Kyra Pixie gets talked into bondage by her boyfriend out at an abandoned house, bound, ballgagged with a strict leather chin strap, then a layer of microfoam tape wrapped around... 03/31/17 Kyra Pixie gets talked into visiting an abandoned house in the neighborhood - tied up, ballgagged, then microfoam tape wrapped over her gag and finally left alone struggling in the dirt and lashed off to a tree 43 pictures Mon. 03/23/17 Downloadable PDF version of my photobook, "Caught! in her sexy black vinyl outfit first stuck in the closet ring gagged and drooling after trying to steal from the hotel safe, then left tied up and ballgagged on the bed... 03/03/17 Red Maid Sandra forced to take another time-out after messing up the laundry, stockings, garters and petticoats, tied in lots of white rope by Delilah, panel gagged and finally left hogtied on the hard floor... 02/27/17 New Video Clip: Police Lady Monica Belle cuffed and helpless, vetwrap cleave gagged onscreen, tied and struggling on the floor and then forced to endure the Hitachi for some amusement... 02/24/17 Police Lady Monica Belle just wanted to look hot for her first day on the force but never realized she'd end up wearing her own handcuffs while bound and gagged in a squatter's house! 02/17/17 Introducing Yuna Dee with Allison Li, first Yuna gets strapped up and ring gagged, then tied up and forced to relax with the Hitachi, then both end up surprised and tied up together... 02/14/17 New Video Clip: Professional lady Sandra locked in the jail cell, tied with lots of white rope, panties shoved in her mouth with a pantyhose cleave gag, then secured to the overhead winch... 02/10/17 Professional lady Sandra returns and finds herself secured and locked up in a dark jail cell for sharing company secrets, serious rope restraint and gagging is in order to keep her silenced and in line... 01/31/17 New Video Clip: Roxy Amaya in her sexy blue blouse struggling furiously while hogtied and harness gagged, with a visit from Sandra who adds a tight vetwrap gag and blindfold to the helpless gurl () Fri. in her sexy crop top and plaid skirt, first ballgagged and struggling, then duct taped over her ballgag onscreen, then yellow pvc tape and lashed off to the bathroom door, poor gurl! 12/27/16 New Video Clip: Sandra all dressed up in her professional attire gets into a bind, bound with her mouth stuffed and strap gagged, struggling by the phone, then chairtied, OTM gagged and rewarded with the Hitachi... 12/23/16 Professional lady Sandra in her black and white blouse and skirt combo surprised at home, bound in lots of rope with her mouth fully stuffed with panties held in place with a strap, then chairtied and OTM gagged... 12/19/16 New Video Clip: Kiora gagged and disciplined by Mrs.

Pictured: An example of one of the suites Paddock, a retired 64-year-old millionaire, wounded over 500 people when he rained a hail of bullets on crowds enjoying the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on October 1.

Pictured: The room he used as a sniper's nest The order to maintain evidence in the suite - number 32-135 - was sought by attorneys representing Rachel Sheppard, a woman from California who was shot three times in the chest but survived Paddock's massacre.

Attorney Brian Nettles, representing Sheppard, said it was essential the order was made because Paddock was in the hotel for six days.

The Mandalay Bay has been ordered to preserve photos, surveillance video and gambling records of Paddock.

I’ve lovingly and carefully restored many of the images that I’ve used here and I’ve done that to share these with other spanking enthusiasts so I have no desire to take this site down.

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