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45 pictures Friday 01/01/2016 Vivian Chen in her peplum blouse and tight red skirt, hands taped, cuffed and strapped up, duct tape gagged, then layered with a panty hood and black electrical tape, helpless and objectified...

The hotel room mass murderer Stephen Paddock used to slaughter 58 people in Las Vegas will be locked up indefinitely.

Attorney Brian Nettles, representing Sheppard, said it was essential the order was made because Paddock was in the hotel for six days.

The Mandalay Bay has been ordered to preserve photos, surveillance video and gambling records of Paddock.

12/20/17 New Video Clip: An extra video clip this week with Kaitlynn, Ninja Spy, strictly chairtied and teased by Sandra with the Hitachi, the poor gurl's mouth fully stuffed and cleave gagged, determined not to spill the beans, though she may spill something else ;-) () Mon. she was just trying to get some rest in her blue slip when she was surprised by some punk looking to go through her purse, all tied up in white rope with her mouth stuffed and microfoam taped... 06/06/17 New Video Clip: More with TS Miki Lee from her first "glamour" photoshoot, stripped down and hogtied in the studio, ballgagged and Hitachi'ed by Otto Devoid, and left drooling and moaning... 05/26/17 Introducing pink latex sissymaid Nikki Gurl - she volunteered to model for some photos and to let herself be used, Hitachi'ed and humiliated while she drools and moans - always room for another sissy maid on T's in Trouble! 05/23/17 New Video Clip: Paige Andrews just wanted to borrow bitchy Sandra's single glove for a night out with Domme Francesca but Sandra had other ideas and the poor gurl ended up strapped up and panel gagged for the night () Fri.Pictured: An example of one of the suites Paddock, a retired 64-year-old millionaire, wounded over 500 people when he rained a hail of bullets on crowds enjoying the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on October 1.Pictured: The room he used as a sniper's nest The order to maintain evidence in the suite - number 32-135 - was sought by attorneys representing Rachel Sheppard, a woman from California who was shot three times in the chest but survived Paddock's massacre.MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Vegas strip, said they had no plans to open up the 32nd-floor, 0-a-night Vista Suite to guests in the future.It comes after the firm was ordered not to destroy or change anything that could be classed as evidence in the hotel as part of a civil negligence case launched by a victim of the shooting.Simple but effective bondage with clothesline and a tight cleave gag to hold her for transport later that night... 07/10/16 New Video Clip: Love doll Jean Bardot (Special Guest GG) comes to life and dominates poor latex-clad Sybil, strapped up, ball gagged, her head wrapped up and finally teased and Hitachi'ed... 07/08/16 Special Guest GG Jean Bardot - love doll come to life! pro "humiliatrix" has the tables turned, ballgagged and left strapped up in discomfort, struggling vainly to find some relief with the Hitachi driving her wild... Normally Kate never does anything this impulsive but she finds herself agreeing to meet up with her privately, why not...?

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