Bad boy dating advice for men

There were no inappropriate sexual advances during the date or unsolicited d*ck pics afterward.No shady behavior, blow-offs, or late-night booty calls. To use animals as an analogy, I was so used to playing animal tamer to a bunch of wild beasts that I had no clue how to handle a well-behaved, domesticated golden retriever when I found one.In a strange way, the tables had turned with this guy.I suddenly felt like the barbaric one, the bad girl with no table manners and a dirty mouth.A shrug of the shoulders and a laconic dismissal is the most that anyone should get from you whenever such subjects arise. Exclamations of sympathy and understanding should be left to the chicks.

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If they want to do something, they do it, no matter how crazy or impractical it may be. A bad boy is happy with who he is, and doesn’t feel the need to improve.

Bad boy quote: “You’re the second most important person in my life…after me.” [Read: 20 traits that make a guy a real man] #6 Be passionate.

Bad boys are physically passionate, and don’t worry about propriety.

But then I recently encountered a mythical gentleman.

He actually made an effort, paid for dinner, complimented me, and wore a shining suit of armor (OK, of Hugo Boss).

Stereotype though it may seem, I think we’re all, at heart, aware of the truth behind the words “every girl loves a bad boy.” No matter how much women coo over the gentleman, and no matter how much they claim they’re looking for someone who will “treat them right,” they always fall for the uncouth ruffian.

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