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The on-set of the so-called “bear” months herald the merry arrival of the seasons (and vacations) to come. Halloween costume and Halloween makeup are two crucial pointers you should start thinking about by now. If you don’t, we recommend that you panic because you have the lamest excuse of not preparing enough for the Halloween season.We always like to end the year with a bang and what more better way to do this than through the celebration of two major occasions that celebrate life and death – Christmas and Halloween. The least we would want is a boring Halloween when this is supposed to make us forget the world’s crisis for a day.

I am so amazed at how this girl manage to make it look like a real wounds and bloods. This is probably a common Halloween make-up and over-all idea.

Users's Experience: How to help your Russian bride to settle in your country Research suggests that the changing the place where we live is one of the most stressful situations in our lives - and it's only about moving out from one house and moving into another one, never mind leaving your native town or country.

Users's Experience: What type of visa to choose The borders exist to divide people from different countries, to separate the native people from migrants.

The Tinkerbell or fairy look is easily recognizable as long as you can make use of plenty of make-up glitters and light colors, same as with the Disney Princess look. Well, the description said simple make-up, not simple costume.

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Image: Flickr If you are a great fan of cats, you might want to wear your fondness for the Halloween season.

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