Best soap opera show for dating mating pickup


Other women comment on penetration, while another talks about liking having a penis inside her and in her mouth.

Kim is absolutely, mad and jealous and puts Stevie in a bad place to be her enemy fighting over Hakeem.

Yet, the tie-ins to the specific material are loose at best and constructed in a less than clever fashion.

Worse yet, the straight drama plays out no better than most melodramatic soap operas.

Likewise, had first time director Troy Beyer (who also wrote and stars in the film) taken something of a Michael Moore (the director of the documentaries "Roger and Me" and "The Big One") approach to the documentary footage -- combining comedy with an interesting investigate thrust (no pun intended) -- then this film's material would have had more zip to it.

As constructed, such moments are present to guide the fictional elements.

Jazz (TROY BEYER) is a Miami advice columnist wanting to pitch her idea for a local TV show about women's views of "mating and dating" in the '90's.

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