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The reason so few of us are bisexual is because society made such a big stink about homosexuality that we got forced into seeing ourselves as either straight or non-straight.Also, many gays go turned off to the ways men are supposed to act with women and vice-versa, which is pretty f---ed-up.We get told it's OK to sleep with guys as long as we sleep with women, too, and that's still putting homosexuality down.We'll be gay until everyone has forgotten that it's an issue.This erasure of bisexuality is sometimes caused by denying the significance of an erotic encounter in order to maintain a person's sexual identity and sense of community; a man might downplay having had sexual fantasies or encounters with a woman in order to maintain his identity as a "gay man" and his membership in the gay community, or a man might downplay having had sexual fantasies or encounters with a man in order to maintain his status as a heterosexual man in heteronormative society.Writing for, author and columnist Zachary Zane cites a study showing that 20.7% of straight-identified men watched gay pornography and 7.5% reported having sex with a man in the past 6 months, while 55% of gay-identified men had watched heterosexual pornography and 0.7% reported having sex with a woman in the past 6 months.There is a belief that bisexuals are simply undecided, and that they are fundamentally homosexual or heterosexual.

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She argues that there is less hostility to bisexual men who identify as gay than bisexual women who identify as lesbian, that there is a great deal of sexuality fluidity between "gay" men and "bisexual" men, and that consequently more gay-identified men openly admit to being attracted to and having sex with women.

However, bisexuals are generally assumed by monosexuals to be "intrinsically" non-monogamous.

In an article written for the 10th anniversary of Yoshino's piece, Heron Greenesmith argues that bisexuality is in fact inherently invisible in the law, beyond the reach of deliberate erasure.

However, Ochs claims that many bisexual men identify as gay in order to politically align themselves with the gay community.

She claims that since coming out is so difficult for gay men, many don't want to come out a second time as bisexual; the existence of male bisexuality can be threatening to some gay men because it raises the possibility that they themselves might be bisexual.

These motivations are firstly, sexual orientation stabilization.

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