Bill moyer anna paquin dating


"To me, what's appealing about Sookie is that she's quite ordinary," she says. The fact that I'm not some 5-foot-11-inch Amazon goddess makes me more easy to relate to." Playing Sookie may also have led Anna to some personal epiphanies--she declared she was bisexual in a public-service campaign called "Give a Damn" before tying the knot with Moyer.

"I'm a pretty straightforward person," she says, when asked if she's always been so outspoken.

"We had read the books," she says of the series' graphic content.

"We knew what we were getting into." And obviously, she has no regrets."She's made such a total transformation," adds Ball, though Anna says she still doesn't like a sex symbol.

"I was really craving a bit of consistency," she says of her attraction to the show.

"Granted, is not exactly normal, but it's about as normal as I ever want to be. She shakes her head and flashes her sparkly, imperfect grin.

ANNA'S CHARACTER, SOOKIE, THE SWEET-NATURED diner waitress with psychic abilities and a soft spot for the undead, has become a certified pop-culture icon.

She is the subject of a viral video from Snoop Dogg, helped inspire a was one of the fastest-rising baby names in 2010.

SOOKIE'S EXTROVERT SIDE CHALLENGED ANNA, so she replaced her smirk with a smile and hit the streets as initiation."They do chemistry reads between actors to make sure they're going to play out well opposite each other." The two started dating publicly in 2009 and wed in 2010.To Ball, the sparks between the two were "completely obvious." But her costars were more surprised."We didn't know it was going on until it was out in the open," says Anna's close friend Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara Thornton."But then I was like, ' It all makes sense now...' It's adorable to see them steal away for a minute on the set or just gaze into each other's eyes."Paquin is typically low-key about her marriage, but she can't help blushing and smiling when she talks of Moyer, both as a real person and as her undead TV soul mate.Here's how we learned that Anna Paquin is expecting.

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