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De Viese lived in Philadelphia, and Sadie Harris may have known him through her work.Sadie Harris, then known as Sadie Fagan, married Philip Gough, but the marriage ended in two years.

Much of Holiday's material has been rereleased since her death.

Their landlady was a sharply dressed woman named Florence Williams, who ran a brothel at 151 West 140th Street.

Holiday's mother became a prostitute, and within a matter of days of arriving in New York, Holiday, who was not yet fourteen, also became a prostitute at a client.

Holiday's mother returned to their home on December 24, 1926, to discover a neighbor, Wilbur Rich, attempting to rape Billie.

She successfully fought back, and Rich was arrested.

Eleonora was left with Martha Miller again while her mother took more transportation jobs.

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