Bradp underground dating seminar


Another gets smaller sets laughing and builds some attraction fairly consistently. Fortunately, I learned from TMM about cutting threads and Transition.My favorite example of the effectiveness of a Brad P opener occurred during his workshop.Not only that, but it was with an attractive blonde who paid 0 for the room and bought 3 rounds of drinks.Another guy from the bootcamp also got laid with her friend that night.I plowed and became so confident that I began to Alpha this Alpha Female.There’s no boost to your confidence quite like out-Alphaing a sadist.

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Technically, there was a section on Day Game, but he didn’t teach it.The other thing this guy has the ability to do that i've never experienced before was to transform someones fashion.I swear he took one guy (in my humble opinion was looking kinda dorky, sorry if you're reading this, don't take it personal, brad felt that i needed new duds too) and turned him into a freekin john mayer lookalike...i'm not kidding, this guy could be his twin, and before he had the clothes i would have never seen it. It’s best for guys who have taken a TMM BC and want to tweak their game.She asked me to bring one along for her friend and I figured who better than a guy who just did 40 approaches that day.It wasn’t even something I was thinking about going in since my main goal was just to learn and have successful sets, and I was also staying in the area at my parents house for the weekend.I could stop there and write that I’d give this bootcamp a solid A-, but I’m not sure that would be totally candid. We students came from various camps, and there were only eight of us.

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