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Most people assumed it was to protect her innocent image at the time, now she may have been doing just the opposite to boost ratings for her reality show.There was also that whole I’m celibate, but not really controversy."Brandy has a daughter and she still wants to be married and have more kids but she is working on so many other things right now," the rep added.It's over: Brandy and Ryan Press have mutually decided to end their engagement. This would have been the first marriage for "Put It Down" singer, who has a 11-year-old daughter, Sy'rai, with her ex, Robert Smith.(“You were lyin’ there with nothing on/But a goofy little grin and a platinum blonde.”)“I don’t write songs for straight people or gay people or black people or white people. Here’s the chorus for “Crazy Women”: is a terrific country album, one with more depth than others on the Top 10 charts, exploring familiar themes with a more wry sense of humor or dark honesty recalling the man in black more than Taylor Swift‘s “I’ll write a song about you” method of revenge.However queer women might not yet hear themselves as part of it, and if an out singer/songwriter isn’t involving us, then who will?Brandy Clark has been granted admittance, but will she have to keep it straight to hold her place at the party?

Such seems to be the case for Brandy Clark, a 36-year-old singer-songwriter whose star is rising. Brandy made her network television debut on last night, playing her single “Stripes,” a toe-tapping Johnny Cash-inspired ditty about going to prison over finding your lover in bed with someone else. I would feel that way if I was straight.”Brandy says she writes songs from personal experiences, but also through voices of characters ( “My life is pretty boring. And he sang about it like he did.”) but many of those characters appear to be straight based on the explicit gendering of her songs.

And while the relationship is new to us, according to Star magazine, these two have been going strong for quite some time and they’re even ready to take things to the next level. 23 issue:“Will wedding bells soon ring for Brandy Norwood?

She finally flaunted her hush-hush romance with music producer Ryan Presson at Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan casino over New Year’s.

The country genre is generally seen as one of the least gay-friendly in music.

Chely Wright has bemoaned the loss of her career in Nashville after coming out as a lesbian, and gay musician Steve Grand has found a fanbase on You Tube, but it doesn’t seem to translate into mainstream radio or Country Music Awards success.

And I'm interested."He went on the date and started feeling sick halfway through -- "like my heart had to fart" -- and Glanville assumed he was faking it.

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