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I think it's more of sympathy that you all are asking YG (lots of money) to hire Brian, because apparently life as a dancer is tough.Well, sorry to say, but too bad :/ @suji0216 Wow, they clearly do need him and HIS work. I'm sure Brian Puspos is doing just fine without YG hiring him.I think Brian just wanted to be asked to teach them the piece and not just be copied from what they see on his Youtube page.It's insulting for a professional dancer that only gets a small amount of credit if he or she was never asked. respect the dancers since they're needed when it comes to use his choreography ;and even without permission.They're both artist and ;should be correct against each other.SEE ALSO: i KON quickly hits 1 million likes for 'Love Scenario' MV On the 17th, Brian Puspos stirred the ongoing debate on whether crediting someone's choreography is enough or if there needs to be prior consent and hiring of the choreographer. You have crazy fans that misread things," apparently unaware that he tweeted to i KON's international fanbase @i KON_Global. If he made such a ruckus about them using his choreo even after they put credi on it, should the singer/composer or the song make some ruckus too? They all pay royalties so that they won't get hit by copyright issues.He linked to i KON's cover of "Niliria", "All of Me", and "Siri Says" on the 8th episode of 'MIX & MATCH', claiming that this isn't the first time that the i KON boys have used his choreography. It seems after realizing his mistake, he deleted that tweet as well. They cover famous song and add some korean rap in the song too remember? Actually If they were to use a song from like Britney spears, beyonce, or usher etc.. You can't use someones work while not paying off the original person. American idol went through that in the pass and they paying up royalties because they don't want to go through that anymore..

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YG or i Kon didn't break any law or whatever by doing a cover of this dance...

Although the agency took steps to credit Brian Puspos, seemingly having learned from the past occurrences of similar situation, it seems that Brian's opinion was that simply just writing his name in the credits is not enough. Brian can ask Mix n Match via YG Ent to pay for his rights rather than babbling this issues through social media.

Fact is, it's HIS choreography so Brian definitely has to have a say whether other people will get permission or not. How would you guys feel if somebody took something from you without your permission??? And contestant of all survival or talent contest usually covers famous songs or famous dance to show off their ability to sing and/or dance.

; He's an amazing dancer and using his choreo without him is kind of sticking it to his face.

It's like saying 'we can do this even without you teaching us'.

He credits Drake as his number-one source of inspiration, and although rarely seen smiling in his Instagram photos, he’s quite happy dancing around the world.

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