Brian puspos dating

However, fans pointed out that he was credited on the show and You Tube After he deleted his most recent tweet, he tweeted again, "miss you guys. But what left some fans in confusion was his previous tweet from October 3rd that showed a different attitude towards their use of his choreography, saying that it was "pretty cool" and "my boys killed it". Why didn't they wrote any article about Brian Puspos flew all the way to Korea to teach i KON for their debut?! IF they found out that you guys used there song for profit or for some survival show. @blahblahblah222 so you're saying that mix n match didn't pay royalties to original artist?

Either way, this indecisive dude with his tweets being pissed off and then acting like they're buddy buddy is annoying.

I think it's more of sympathy that you all are asking YG (lots of money) to hire Brian, because apparently life as a dancer is tough.

Well, sorry to say, but too bad :/ @suji0216 Wow, they clearly do need him and HIS work. I'm sure Brian Puspos is doing just fine without YG hiring him.

And each member of soon to be i KON at that time are all contestant.

Coz people might think he's only looking for some public/media attentions..

I think Brian just wanted to be asked to teach them the piece and not just be copied from what they see on his Youtube page.

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