Brooke burke and david charvet dating


Donna Hatounian (mother) Year of birth: 1949 Her parents divorced when she was two and Donna moved to Tuscon, Arizona with the kids.

She later met and married Armen Hartounian who looked after the kids while she took three jobs to finance the household.

The wealthy medic is known for being the first doctor selected for the Extreme Makeover TV show.

David Charvet (husband) Duration of Marriage: August 12, 2011 till present Date of Birth: May 15, 1972 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Burke started dating singer and former Baywatch star, David Charvet shortly after her first divorce.

Burke has not left any stone unturned in displaying her multitalented persona.

From dancing to modelling, acting to hosting, television to Hollywood, writing to entrepreneurship; Burke is indeed a jack of all trades.

Heaven not only looks like her mother but she is practically the same with Broke when it comes to cuisine.

After becoming a beauty queen doors started opening for Brooke thanks to her spectacular features.Their five-year delay was according to Burke because of her fear.She had shaky feet after her first divorce and did not want a repeat of such.Donna also was a software-company saleswoman in Tucson.George Burke II (father) In 1973, George left his wife and daughter and never turned back.The only father Brooke had in her life was her American step-father who raised her. Armen Michael Hatounian (step-father) Armen was a mechanic and Brooke considers him as her father all the way across the board. Burke III (brother born to same parents) Kimberly Burke Flagg (sister born to same parents) Year of birth: 1969 Rapper Fatcat TB (brother born to same parents) Siaosi Burke (brother born to same parents) Brooke is the oldest of seven children and they all grew up together in Arizona. They are definitely living off the radar of the public eye.

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