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The Western-themed wedding weekend culminated in a gorgeous ceremony at which 150 guests rocked 1800s Wild West-period costumes-the ...Embattled “Burn Notice” actor Seth Peterson has agreed to attend mediation in his divorce amid damaging reports he left his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old aspiring horror writer, well-placed sources told the Daily News.Although he resists, she assigns him various tasks (which he later learns are preparation for an assassination), while he also attempts to find out who she is.

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The most prominent of these was Tricia Helfer, who appeared in many episodes as Michael's handler, Carla.Paul Tei also made several appearances returning as money-launderer Barry Burkowski.Seth Peterson returned as Michael's brother, Nate Westen.While it frees Michael from their grasp, it also removes the organization's protection, which now exposes Michael to police attention and allows enemies he made as a U. Gabrielle Anwar reprised her role as ex-IRA operative Fiona Glenanne, and Bruce Campbell returned as ex-Navy SEAL Sam Axe.Sharon Gless also returned, as Madeline Westen, Michael's mother.“Hopefully he will follow through,” one source said, because Cochran’s “main concern is and always has been the safety, privacy and protection of (their) children.” The couple married in 2001. Sources said Cochran doesn’t want a legal battle because she’d due to give birth in two months and needs to “keep the stress level down" to continue a "healthy pregnancy.” Peterson announced his divorce on Twitter Oct. The two met through Twitter while she lived in New York and corresponded for months, bonding over Peterson’s poetry and their shared love of zombies.

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