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To perform tasks such as opening a file or displaying a dialog box to edit an item displayed in a control with a background image is hosted in Internet Explorer, specify comctl32version 6.0 as a dependent assembly in the application manifest file to ensure the background image is property displayed.Enable Visual Styles method: tile view, grouping, and the insertion mark.

Agregar opción usando un Data Table En este caso se usara un datatable cuya estructura será definido en runtime, la clave aquí esta en el método Obtener List Item Opcional() donde se crea la nueva fila en tiempo de diseño.The List View Item class represents an item within a control.The items that are displayed in the list can be shown in one of five different views.To determine the item whose subitem is being clicked, you can use the Get Item At method.When performing validation of the items after the user has edited them, you may want to display a specific item to the user to change.Items can be displayed as large icons, as small icons, or as small icons in a vertical list.

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