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I’m not sure who worries about i Pad battery life anymore, but the mini 4 holds true to the 10-hour figure that Apple promises.

Wi-Fi speeds have also been boosted, and as usual you can buy an LTE-capable version for 0 on top of each model’s regular cost.

The mini 4 has 2GB of RAM inside, so apps are also less likely to unexpectedly restart when you’re multitasking, and Safari won’t need to reload your tabs so often.

Graphics performance has jumped by 60 percent, and it’s impossible to find any current i OS game that slows down this i Pad in any noticeable way.

Now if you want full protection, you’ll have to buy both the cover and rear case for over 0 after tax. Aside from tweaks to the mini 4’s dimensions, it looks nearly identical to the 3.

The only obvious hardware change is Apple’s removal of the orientation lock / mute switch; you’ll need to swipe up Control Center for those two options now.

But the feature is a bit less appealing on a 7.9-inch screen.

In Split View, Safari basically just shows you a smartphone view of websites, and text can sometimes be an eye strain even with the i Pad held at normal distances.

No, I’m referring to the disappointing, mailed-in i Pad mini 3.A year later, we’re now looking at the i Pad mini 4. Apple spent less than 20 seconds introducing the i Pad mini 4, but in that time Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of marketing, made an encouraging claim: “We’ve taken the power and performance of i Pad Air 2 and built it into an even smaller mini enclosure.” This is only partly true.Considering the barely-there mention it got at Apple’s September event, you might think we’d be in for another underwhelming refresh. For 2015, we’ve gotten the opposite of a lazy revision; Apple has delivered improvements at almost every turn. If you’re looking at thinness, the new i Pad mini slimmed down from its predecessor, and is slightly lighter, too.For one, the company keeps using chamfered edges on its i Pads, even after the i Phone graduated from this design trait last year.They look nice, but the shiny trim around the screen is always the first thing to get scratched up — even with immaculate handling.Fortunately, you’ll mostly forget about these drawbacks the moment you turn the screen on.

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