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Color choices remain the same with space gray, silver, and gold versions available.Tragically, there’s no perfect match for your shiny new rose gold i Phone 6S.A new anti-reflective coating also makes the i Pad mini more practical for outdoor use.

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No one’s saying this thing needs four speakers like the i Pad Pro, but it’s really in need of better stereo separation.

But the feature is a bit less appealing on a 7.9-inch screen.

In Split View, Safari basically just shows you a smartphone view of websites, and text can sometimes be an eye strain even with the i Pad held at normal distances.

(It’ll still outpace many Android tablets you can buy, though.) The i Pad mini 4 is pushed along by Apple’s 64-bit A8 processor, which is definitely an upgrade from last year but not quite as powerful as the Air 2 despite what Schiller boasted on stage.

Apple says the new chip delivers speed gains of up to 30 percent, and sure, apps definitely open faster.

There’s zero lag more often than not, and the (very) slight stutters I’ve seen in the app switcher and Split View can likely be blamed on the brand new i OS 9 rather than the i Pad’s hardware.

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