Can carbon 14 dating lava flows

There are legends of people from long ago, myths of ancient Greeks.There are myths and legends of almost everything, including volcanoes. Myths and legends of various gods controlling their own volcanoes. The amount of legends and myths concerning volcanoes is quite extensive, ranging from Hephaestus to Vulcan and everything in between.

Most believe that it is basically a mountain that shoots out lava, destroying anything and everything nearby. Volcanoes are considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters; they can erupt suddenly, destroying everything in its way.

This silica-and volatile-rich magma is what separate composite volcanoes from shield volcanoes.

Although, andesite magma dominate fragmental debris, some magma intrudes the cones such as sills or dikes.

Australia doesn't have any active volcanoes because Australia is on one single tectonic plate (see picture) There is currently around about 57-65 volcanoes in Australia and out of these, only one is active.

No eruptions have been recorded in the past century. Because Australia is in the middle of the Australian plate and it is impossible for any new volcanoes to form.

But even if the moon had started receding from being in contact with the Earth, it would have taken only 1.

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