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We’re actually better at tennis now: While most Canadians have been preoccupied with hockey, a young man from Thornhill, Ont., has quietly become one of the most successful men’s tennis players in Canadian history.15 among singles players and, statistically speaking, he has the strongest serve in the world, serving more aces per match than any other professional player in 2012.

(54) We spend less time on the couch: Americans watch 34 hours of TV each week, four more than Canadians.He can then be seen wrapping the Kargus' body in a sheet and drag the corpe to the shower stalls.His body is discovered by guards around 10am on November 1, 2013 and while they called paramedics to assess the scene, Kargus was already dead.Shocking video footage has been released of a Canadian prisoner killing his cellmate and disposing the body in the showers all while guards were unsuspecting.Captured on CCTV, Anthony George beat Adam Kargus to death in Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre in London, Ontario back in 2013.We see more of the world: Last year Canadians took close to 10 million trips abroad to countries other than the U.

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