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In the year 610 a 40 year old illiterate trader in the deserts of Arabia received a revelation that would change the world.

Islam is now the second most popular religion on the planet with more than a billion followers.

After eight years of fighting with the Meccan tribes, his followers, who by then had grown to 10,000, in a largely peaceful conquest gained control of Mecca where he destroyed the pagan idols in the city In 632, a few months after returning to Medina from The Farewell Pilgrimage, Muhammad fell ill and died.

By the time of his death, most of the Arabian Peninsula had converted to Islam, and he had united Arabia into a single Muslim religious polity. “Signs [of God]”)—which Muhammad reported receiving until his death—form the verses of the Quran, regarded by Muslims as the “Word of God” and around which the religion is based.

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