Carly freddie dating


Carly is so grateful that she visits his room often to take care of him and at one point kisses him.In just hours of Carly and Freddie beginning their relationship, Sam tells Freddie, based on her experience with a boyfriend who sent her bacon, that Freddie is Carly's bacon, that she only loves him for what he did.During the interview, Ricky Flame, a popular Seattle chef, comes into the i Carly studio and challenges the gang to a "food fight" (cook-off).

Food TV calls the Shay apartment and asks if they can interview the i Carly gang about Spaghetti Tacos.Carly asks Freddie, to which he says yes in a nervous tone.Sam gets involved, which ends up in her confronting Freddie.Freddie doesn't believe her at first, but later that night, at Carly's apartment, he realizes that this may be true and tells her this.The two end their short relationship, but decide that once the whole "hero" thing wears off and Carly is attracted to Freddie because of who he is, they will try the relationship again.The i Carly gang encourages him to start up again, but it doesn't work. After several hours of waiting Spencer leaves, but Nug-Nug arrives having come from a convention. Guest Starring: Al Espinosa as Ricky Flame, Martin Klebba as Nug Nug and Angela Martinez as Sarah James After spitting in her crush's eye, Carly becomes humiliated and tries to find a new date for a popular school dance.

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