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At a press conference where Hunter broke down in tears, he denied taking any performance-enhancing drugs, much less the easily detected nandrolone (which showed up in all four tests in amounts over 1000 times normal levels); Victor Conte of BALCO, who was regularly supplying "nutritional supplements" to Graham's athletes trained by Trevor Graham, blamed the test results on "an iron supplement" that contained nandrolone precursors Jones would later write in her autobiography, Marion Jones: Life in the Fast Lane, that Hunter's positive drug tests hurt their marriage and her image as a drug-free athlete. On June 28, 2003, Jones gave birth to a son (Tim Montgomery Jr.) with then-boyfriend Tim Montgomery, a world class sprinter himself.Because of her pregnancy, Jones missed the 2003 World Championships but spent a year preparing for the 2004 Olympics.Jones is a 1997 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). Hunter voluntarily resigned his position at UNC to comply with the requirements of university rules prohibiting coach–athlete dating.While there, she met and began dating one of the track coaches, shot putter C. Jones and Hunter were married October 3, 1998, and trained for the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. Hunter, had withdrawn from the shot-put competition for a knee injury, though he was allowed to keep his coaching credentials and attend the games to support his wife.After winning further statewide sprint titles, she accepted a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina in basketball, where she helped the team win the NCAA championship in her freshman year.Jones "red shirted" her 1996 basketball season to concentrate on track.

On February 24, 2007, Jones married Barbadian sprinter and 2000 Olympic 100m bronze medalist Obadele Thompson.

She was the third female athlete to achieve the title twice, immediately following Angela Burnham at Rio Mesa High School, who was the second to achieve the title twice.

She was invited to participate in the 1992 Olympic trials, and, after her showing in the 200 meters finals, would have made the team as an alternate in the 4×100 meters relay, but she declined the invitation.

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Toler became a stay-at-home dad to Jones and her older half-brother, Albert Kelly, until his sudden death in 1987.

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