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Threesomes can still be quite a taboo topic between couples but this week Nadia Essex reveals her top tips for what to do when your other half wants more than just you in the bedroom.

While he follows the likes of current CGD stars Muggy Mike and Tallia Storm, Nadia is no longer on 50-year-old Eden’s ‘following page’, and it looks like he’s not on hers either. And in a surprise twist, Nadia then liked Olivia’s Tweet…

He has come under fire for his lothario behaviour on Celebs Go Dating, later admitting he cringed when he watched his first date back.

“Why are there no pictures of James and Isabella on either of their Instagrams? I hope they are happy together,” said one fan.“What a lovely couple,” another said of James and Mel. The couple, who were engaged in October 2010 and share five-year-old daughter Scout, called time on their relationship in May last year.

Singer Talia Storm appeared on the show last night to enjoy a date with Cobi, however, all didn’t go to plan when the worst possible person walked into the restaurant they were in – her ex.

I definitely could have been more of a gent but at the end of the day, I didn't fancy her.' The hunk, who has already faced a backlash for his behaviour on the show, defended himself as he claimed he wasn't 'nasty' and people took the date 'too seriously'.

The Lothario come under fire during Monday night's episode because he kissed another girl behind his date's back before he propositioned sex when she was drunk.

After discussing it with his date, Seb decided to go over to Talia to ensure there was no awkwardness which obviously just made everything 10 times worse.

We’d recommend watching this through your fingers, you’ll thank us later.

He told his date Emma: 'You're drunk so I'll put you in a cab home unless you want to do something you regret tomorrow, like have sex.'Ahead of the date, he confided in dating guru Eden Blackwell that he had asked Emma out but kissed another girl just hours later.

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