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But the board of the North West London Collaboration of CCGs said early focus groups with patients revealed they were more interested in using it to jump the waiting list to see a GP.

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The app has already been trialled in parts of the capital as a possible alternative to the NHS 111 telephone service, where patients explain their symptoms to a call handler who directs them to the best service.Negobot analyzes the ongoing dialog and is aware of the level of ‘sliminess’ of the conversation.It bases its responses on this knowledge and adjusts its strategy based on the level, all the while continuing to play the game of drawing out more information and damning conversational evidence from the suspected predator.It may not be long before would-be sexual predators are being ensnared by virtual agent technologies.A full discussion of Negobot’s technology and capabilities is described in an abstract about the conversational agent published by the creators.Subsequently, a decision was taken not to fund the pilot.” A spokesperson for the CCGs said: “As part of the conversation, some people did indicate they would try and use the app to get a GP appointment quicker.

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