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” “Yes, we have that still, thanks to your idea of taking it with you.” “That isn’t much,” said the Doctor. Let us pity our fellow-sufferers, and not curse them.” For the next few minutes both were silent, and then Johnson asked what had become of the sledge. His faithful dog stood beside him, like his master, apparently insensible to the biting cold, though the temperature was 32 degrees below zero.

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It was a bold project of Hatteras to push his way to the North Pole, and gain for his country the honour and glory of its discovery. Shandon and his gang have carried it off.” “And the pirogue? Bell lay on the ice in an almost inanimate condition.However, the courage of Hatteras was still undaunted. Let’s set to work; we shall find that is the best remedy for us.” Bell tried to shake off his torpor and help his comrade, while Mr. “No, my friend,” said Hatteras, in a gentle tone, “if the Doctor will kindly undertake the task. I will deal with the future.” [Illustration: ] Johnson went back to the Doctor, and said— “It’s very strange, but the captain seems quite to have got over his anger.The three men which were left him were the [Illustration: ] best on board his brig, and while they remained he might venture to hope. Clawbonny undertook to go and fetch the sledge and the dogs. Before the day ends I must come to some resolution, and I need to be alone to think. I never heard him speak so gently before.” “So much the better,” said Clawbonny.of pemmican, three sacks of biscuits, a small stock of chocolate, five or six pints of brandy, and about 2 lbs. Neither blankets, nor hammocks, nor clothing—all had been consumed in the devouring flame.This slender store of provisions would hardly last three weeks, and they had wood enough to supply the stove for about the same time. ” “No.” “And no ship to make our way back to England?

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