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Outings to the local theater were also organized for children – giving them an opportunity to relax and play; providing them with a sense of comfort; allowing them to be children again.

During the month of Ramadan in 2016, these asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants engaged in the creative arts, along with community members during the “Belgrade crafts Fair.” Participants used this opportunity to engage in arts and crafts sessions, share experiences, and talk about their lives and dreams.

Although more than 90% of these people have been provided accommodations in government-run shelters, their situation remains fluid and unstable.

Among them, women and youth - especially unaccompanied minors - represent particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Following a trek through Turkey, a ride on an inflatable raft to Greece, and a long walk through the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Zahra now finds herself in Serbia.

The days bleed together in her mind and she does not remember how long each leg took.

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In addition to these empowerment and inclusion workshops, a series of creative events, exhibitions, and outings were developed under this program to help these vulnerable populations better cope with their difficult circumstances – providing creative outlets for participants and boosting their understanding of their current surroundings.Recognizing that forced displacement is a development challenge, especially in protracted situations, the World Bank is expanding support for the displaced and their host communities, working in complementary ways with humanitarian partners and utilizing country systems where possible.At the end of 2016, there were approximately 22.5 million refugees around the globe.Workshops were organized to provide women and children with an opportunity to express themselves through arts and crafts, painting and drawing, and practicing beauty routines.These activities allowed participants to share how they feel, and to chat, laugh, and converse with people from the local community.The exhibition narrowed the distance between local citizens and asylum seekers in Serbia and enabled a common human experience to break through stereotypes and misconceptions.

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